Saturday, 19 May 2007

`T was good good good

Yes the party was grand. Good good friends for coming and enjoying. My warm friends. Generous ones!
Here are the flowers that made it all a bit more festive :

We had Jake (lyrics and guitar) and Luke (piano) performing together, Steve (lyrics, guitar) with Gabriel (base) and James (percussion) -thank yu Stevie yes dreams are the best - and Ben doing a grand Ben thing with a Casio.
And here are some of the guests (Kimberlee with stripes and pretty plats!) and a bit of guitar:

I was wearing this (home made skirt home made skirt) :

Lieveke and I got all excited just an hour before every-one arrived :

Ahhhh little red hummingbirds, thanks for the good time, many-a-kiss x


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pinkflowerbuttons said...

I love your style very very funky. Looove your skirt.