Tuesday, 29 May 2007


Hey everyone.... Its that time again! So soon? Wasn't craftwerk JUST A FEW WEEKS AGO? Yesmm but this is a mini one to celebrate the closing of the FUNKY RAZORS show which exhibited some crafter's work as art. It is in a different venue.... can you read that above? no? okay here it goes:
6-8:30 PM Wednesday May 30th at St. Paul st. Gallery, AUT. FREEEEEE! per usual :)

And will Anemone be there? Of course! with their full range? errrr ummm ... welll... almost. Its only been a few weeks since the last one so we are doing our best. Lies is sewing up a storm today trying to get as much done as she can, which I think is remarkable. Did you know that as of last week she is managing a gallery, being a mother, and getting ready for craftwerk? Super-woman, I tell you.

okay must run to life drawing class!
ps I did NOT do the illustration above.. though I think it is so sweet :)


Fiona said...

Ya, I think so too. I admire those who can draw. The fair sounds exciting & happy preparations! :-)

VictoriaE said...

Life drawing class? You should show us some of your sketches from it!
Lies does indeed sound like a super woman. I love that she runs a gallery, that is pure cool.