Tuesday, 25 March 2008

shopping, drawing, sewing: it's a good life.

I took an unplanned break from blogging, because I just had other things to do...
you know how it is. but I am glad to be back.

Apologies in advanced for the randomness of this post, its really more of a showcase of finished things.

Finished project #1: ETSY SHOPPING

Thanks to the illustration job I eluded to in my last post (which I did get 100% by the way :) I was able to buy a ticket to the USA for my cousin's wedding. But don't let me fool you, the job only paid for a bit of the ticket, the business is not that lucrative!

when I am going to the USA, I always take advantage of the lower shipping costs, so buying things off etsy makes a lot of sense right now. watch out!

bought from circles are foverever
I bought this dress for my adorable sister to wear in the wedding. She will look smashing, I hope she doesn't out do the bride. (oh yes and that photoshop free 30 day trial is still going strong with 15 days of fun left! what other creepy things can I come up with???? )

and from the nana pat project these mint condition, patent leather tuxedo shoes! from the 80s.
They are for me.

Finished project #2: illustration series

I made these using traditional methods (pencils, water colour, collage) then did a bit of editing and additional collage in photoshop.

please click to enlarge as they really aren't meant to be seen so tiny!
I am sending these as part of a general submission. they took a lot longer than I anticipated so I hope I get a good response.
thanks very much to luke who helped me with the editing, I can be a photoshop moron at times.

Finished project #3: sewing lots of stuff

Since Lies unvailed her face last week, I thought I would show myself too.

I designed and made this top for my friend back in minnesota. I normally don't attempt making clothes for friends because I am not that good at sewing but she happens to be a similar size to me. It makes me feel more confident when I can try it on and see if it's working out okay.

this is sort of a country/peasant blouse which I've been told looks very 'american' . but guess what, I am.

and a bag I made from some beautiful fabric I bought from Charlotte. Thanks very much C! ITs heading over the the USA, the spring flowers will be more appropriate there.

THat's all for my extended show and tell.



Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Ooo fun bag fabric!! love it.

And you look gorgy as always. Very into the tops.

Illustrations are also fab. xo

Melissa said...

oh, those school journal illustrations are so wonderful. there's just something about drawings with fabric collage- beautiful!
and you've been sewing so much! both the tops and bags are fab. xx

Charlotte said...

oh man I love that fabric!!
it looks so great as a bag.

Charlotte said...

oh - and I forgot to say - well actually I said in the last post - how great those illustrations are. and I think those tops are cool too. They look really good on you - you are such a photogenic model you are!!

Victoria said...

You are so multi-talented!
I love the AMERICAN country shirt.
(p.s. Will get a working email address next week, so they say, so I'll send you my postal address then.)

Victoria said...

Oh and you could definately be your own model if you wanna go into fashion design too.

Jannelle said...

you look gorgeous! and those illustrations are stunning! Heart Felt / www.teatodtoad.typepad.com

Fiona said...

I just kept up your blog. So much eye candy and happenings! :)
The illustrations are fantastic and brian who peep over just now was impressed!

Lynn said...

Oh, those illustrations are the best dear daughter! I can almost see Ella in one little boy's face. Love, love them all. If nothing else, you should self-publish these drawings - "Danny's Straw Hat" - ish. Love the model and the shirts too - you are getting better all of the time at all you do. Love how C. looks in that red dress - who knew??? Come quickly - time for hugs.

Lynn said...

Forgot to mention - LOVE THE BAG!!

Anonymous said...

Cute top and bag!!! Lovely pic :-)