Friday, 7 March 2008

lemon mergingue pie and other obsessions

When ever I decide I want to try something new, I get very committed and feel the urge to complete the project yesterday. maybe this the same for a lot of crafter out there?

this set of emails between Nikki I am now posting for your entertainment. I think they say a lot about obsessive project behavior, and the funny email/comments relationships that are formed through the blog community. anyway.....

it all started with this photo of a pie nikki made a few weeks ago and my spontaneous thought yesterday 'I want to make that, RIGHT NOW!!!!' I decided to email her for the recipe....

me to Nikki
hey there,
I was going to poach the recipe off your blog but hark, no recipe!

which one did you use? can I have it? I have SO many lemons or I think they are lemons.... some sort of mystery fruit (this happens when you buy the natural organic stuff) but they could be oranges. either way I am keen to make a citrus pie. YOUR pie looks amazing. I don't know what you were on about, trashing such a yummy looking pie, but I was drooling.

maybe I will post a picture if it turns out a) really good or b) really bad. nobody is interested in seeing mediocre pies!

wow, I am more excited about this pie than a normal healthy person should be.... a hint of desperate house wife is sneaking in, I can just feel it.


Nikki responds:
haha! you make me laugh Kimberlee.
I'll email the recipe when I get home - it's such a good one.

The only criteria I have for passing this on is that you must wear an apron while baking. Preferably a 1950s housewife one. AND I would like pics. *muhahaha*

I reply:
oh my gosh I couldn't wait. (I made the LMP using some random recipe online)
but the recipe I used TOTALLY sucked, so can I please still have yours?. I taste tested the curd and it was awful because the recipe called for NO sugar for the curd... are they nuts?!?!? thankfully I found another recipe and quickly added loads of sugar (how much is 125 grams anyway?!?!)
also I completely stuffed up the whole meringue part, I had to go to this website
to learn about proteins and elasticity. food science 101. anyway, we got there in the end!!!

so here is a picture of the pie cooling.

and here is a picture of my kitchen, I'd like to title it 'where'd the bench go?'

NIKKI says:
Holy crap that is awesome! A) on the pie front. MUCH better looking than my mutilated beast and B) on the bench front. hahaha It totally looks like how I bake! Mind you, 90% of the carnage at my place is the kid. You have no such excuse. heeeeehehehehe

Also hilarious that you had to have a research pause. Thank god for the internet huh? How did people bake without it?!?
Anyway, glad to hear you didn't make my mistake and try and get the pie out while still hot. Though I see you have a fancy pie dish, so yours definitely isn't going to end up like mine!!
Here is the recipe for next time. (Oh yeah, and yours - no sugar?!? wtf?!? what else do they put in?!)

hi again,
sometimes I am like a giant child because guess what I have eaten for the past three meals? yes, Lemon Meringue Pie and only LMP,
though after lunch today, I did eat a peach but it was purely out of guilt.

it started out innocently enough with this though... " oh why force myself to eat dinner when all I want is dessert? whats wrong with just skipping straight to dessert?" so I did. and then I only had one piece.

but then breakfast rolled around and I was still so tired thanks to our neighbor and her late night entertaining, that my decision making skills were nill. I didn't even think about it, I just grabbed the pie from the fridge and ate a few fork fulls. no plate necessary. Luke looked up from his healthy whole grain breakfast cereal and didn't say a word. bless him.

then lunch happened and it was sort of like, why kid yourself? so I just ate another piece.

though this has got to stop!!! a girl cannot live off eggs whites, sugar, lemon curd, and white flour alone if she wants to live past 35 and (someday) bear children. so its fruit city for the rest of the day!

your recipe looks far superior to mine. and I am going to try that one soon, but maybe I should wait a while, no? at least until LMP releases its deadly addictive grip from my ever weakening self control.
the pie cut

and also a melty gooey mess, we didn't really wait until it was totally cooled. we're only human.

and finally, only 18 hours later....oh the shame. it's almost gone.

THUS ENDS THE LMP SAGA, for now anyway:)

well that is all from me for a while. I have something brewing on the illustration front so I will be busy with that. I will reveal more later when I am comfortable but as of now its not a certain thing so I don't want to jinx it.

a good weekend to all!



Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Exposed! Eeek.

Your emails have made me laugh all over again :D


Lies said...

Ahhhhhhh that gooey stuff mmmmmmmmmmmm I'm so hungry!!! And I just love that lemon curdy yumness (never had it before nz!). And I'm atttttttt WWWORK mweeeuuuh so can't get any of it... Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
You Nikkerlees are such funbuns.
X Lies

Victoria said...


Lynn said...

Daughter, you make me laugh outloud. The pie is gorgeous, wish I were there, having it for 3 meals with you. Your "bench" looks very familiar - this has been your pattern since you were a little girl, helping in the kitchen. Remind me to tell you the story of you father's pie-making adventure, if you don't know it already. It had similar "bench" results.

Amy said...

I love the pie post. It must be the time of year for them. I was trawling through the books for a recipe for excess egg whites and a glut of lemons.

amy said...

oh my goodness!! it looks amazing!!!

Rhondah Rhombus said...

I can't believe you managed to write all that much just about one pie. You are amazing.. I have, however just invested a similar amount of time in belgium biscuits.. and written about it in my blog!

Fiona said...

Hilarious! :D
I can understand that many meals in a row of that yummy pie. You bakers make me drool.

R.W.S. said...

Yay, lemon meringue pie is my favourite thing to make.
Ye olde Edmonds cookbook + extra lemons + frozen, pre-rolled pastry.
Oops! There goes the secret family recipe.


Anonymous said...