Monday, 17 March 2008

Happy (check).

I just finished my new skirt in supersoft babycord. I couldn't resist the shapely and whimsical print of the fabric. It became a rather challenging but fun project. I wanted to design my own skirt-pattern, so it took a lot of tweeking to get the desired features more or less right : broad waistband (check), slightly bubbly flow (hmm very slightly) and some big buttons (check). Happy (check).

I want to share this work of Alf Lohr's with you. He's currently having a show at the Gallery where I work, and I just dig his thing. His media are watercolors - in such wonderful brightness on very thick paper. Alf's paintings - all are untitled- muze about the deceptive simplicity of creation where marks/colors (rather than signs or figures) are emotive guides towards deeper things. Attractive. Human.

The following are screenprinted cards made by my friend Lulu. The cards are free because promotional for her shop, and I grabbed a whole bunch - I'm so drawn to their simplicity and crispness. Often good design is just that I guess. I admire that Lulu put in such an effort in screenprinting (rather then just ink-jetting) her ads, she's a thoughtful one.

I've been going to some newly discovered blogspots for inspiration :

-from the Netherlands Studio Intussen, really original design

-from Canada Fortysixth at grace, serene!

-from the US Monmartre's sketchbook, beautiful things

-and from the US again Lisa Congdon, soooo wonderful.

Here's last week's knitting : some lacey socks for myself, made with merino/angora yarn in a dark lavender shade. Ha! Lace (check) and adult socks (check), I'm rather proud I did it - and they fit. It's around 25 degrees C at the moment, quite hot and very very sunny, have to keep them for a chillier time.

To be knitted with in the near future : a super soft skein of merino/alpaca (yes!) yarn - I think a shawl is wanting to be made...

How cool, this feature in Frankie-magazine : Threadden is a Melbournian 'sewing lounge ' and independent clothing store with local designer and vintage clothing. Here you can just shop for some stunning clothes (the dress on the woman in the feature is so beautiful) or drop in and hire a sewing machine to do your thing -and use some other equipment like overlockers, cutting tables, pressing-gear... Such a good idea!

See you soon, thanks for stopping by


Victoria said...

I am proud to say I now know from the writing style which one of you is writing before getting to the bottom of the post!
LOVE the skirt and it looks so stylish with those boots which reminds me I need to get some boots for winter.
That watercolor work is amazing and it's so BIG for wtercolor - very inspriational.

kimberlee said...

wow that skirt is very fun, and very 'lies'. I LOVE the different buttons. I JUST bought some corduroy so the 'twin' thing must be in full force again.

good on you making socks for yourself. sad that I never picked that up when emily showed us how.

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

You are a gorgeous lady Lies!! Love the skirt... and the boots. Yum.


... said...

Hey Ladies!! I am really digging the skirt and the socks!!!! Nice!! Well I have finally created my own personal blog of the arty things I do for fun and for a living! Yay! So if you are feeling nosey then go check it out!!!

ashley rose helvey said...

Love your skirt! Very nice! I really wish I was more of a sewer, I always get stuck with the technical parts. also like your friend's postcard!

Louise said...

Lovely skirt! Great shots of you modelling it! Have a good Easter

Rhondah Rhombus said...

that fabric you made the skirt from, I specifically remember my grandma wearing a dress in that. It's probably my strongest visual memory of her.
Lies can I please have the belgium biscuit recipe from your mum? My sister and me are very keen to have a bake-off.

I have finally categorized my bookmarks so I can keep coming back to cool blogs I find out about.. Ohh too good bloggy goodness.

Rhondah Rhombus said...

oh, and if you have any info on the mt eden craft fair, thing, let me know please.. I'm getting market withdrawal symptoms

Charlotte said...

oh my comment got deleted. bugger it! i am making a skirt in my green joe troy - ooh, you said we might be twins. I say how cool!!

i made a scarf in it - ooh i felt a million euros out in it today xox

Melissa said...

those socks are amazing! it's no small feat to knit socks- lace ones at that! and your skirt is so pretty! it looks perfect with those boots.

kimberlee & Lies said...

Rhondah (and Helen) : after a rather long Easter-puter-break, I've the recipe for you!!! But... how do I email you sweet?
X Lies

allthingsreally said...

Amazing skirt and such a beautiful pic of you in it!! Yeah I'm toying with closing my bog as I don't have time to blog or read blogs much now so prob won't be around much :-)