Sunday, 2 March 2008

Dress ups

I had these pretty trees remember,

Hmmm scrumptious

And I found the perfect pattern in this wonderful Japanese sewing book,

Robe blanche

Robe rouge

So zzzzzzz (onomatopoeic for 'sewing machine') :

Robe forestiere -shall we say?

Yup shortened hem. 't Was all the fabric I had

On the subject of dresses, we TOUJOURS have RIEN to wear n'est-pas, so here are -from France where girls are most definitely girls- some snazzy young Parisian blogmuzes to help along with elementary choices for ze wardrobe (don't be discouraged by the French, just feast your eyes!) :

La gazette de Zess : such a sweetie...

Jeunedemoiselle : candy candy

The cherry blossom girl : we're all mad about her oui oui oui

Punky b's fashion diary : Robe jaune (1/3/08)

Le monde de Tokyobanhbao : Japan in France, such fun!

I'll leave you with some very very inspiring photo's (from a found W Magazine. september 2007 issue). I adore the abundance of colours a graphic depth in the fabrics or cuts, the sweetness of the photography (those wonderfull hazy-airy spaces), the childlike girlposes...

Yves Saint Laurent dress

Chloe dress on French toast shirt

Comme des Gracons dress with Diesel skirt

Oh that skirt!

Enjoy the upcoming week les copines!
-X Lies


Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

J'adore ta robe!! C'est magnifique. Les photographs sont belles aussi.

blackie said...

whit woo. great sewing and modelling!

Melissa said...

beautiful! both your inspirational finds and your very stylish tree dress... and it's lovely to see you too! xx

Victoria said...

I cannot even begin to express my admiration for the tree dress and how good it looks!!

karel said...

hey st..y uh ..Lizzy (i will not use your normal callsign)

you look great , good to see that you're making something for Yourself :) KUSJE for my little niece.
bye ka..y ...uh charly i mean

ashley rose helvey said...

o yes, i love that tree fabric and dress style is very cute :)

amy said...

that dress is so cute! and sweet fabric too :)

fine little day said...

Inspiring combinations!

Rhondah Rhombus said...

Hello Lies.. I love those old mag pics, and I love your new dress. How did you go at arthur toye the other day? Find anything good?
You told me you're from Belgium, so I have a question for you - see my latest blog post!