Friday, 28 March 2008

Little tree

purple pants and breezy top

A little outfit I've sewn for Lieveke. The long-sleeved top is not quite finished yet, but I wanted to show the funky fabric. The cord pants are rather winterish and on the large side but Lieveke will grow into them. Her legs have grown with 2cm in the last 2 months. My little tree.

Kokka trees

The little tree is having her second birthday this sunday. We're having a big party with a big cake with big candles (this is what she's asking for -especially the BIG candles). Gabriel and I are giving Lievie a big bed for her 'big girl'-day. She is all excited about it! A big bed asks for a revamp of her room : I'm doing stuff with the above tree-fabrics... Can't show, it's a surprise!


I swapped baby-dresses (pardon, 'big girl'-dresses) with Charlotte, so this sweet green linen dress is what Lieveke will wear on her party. Thanks heaps C!

The sun is a nice warm ball

That's what Lieveke said the other day. And really it is. Through the Tamarillo tree. For weeks Lievie's been staring at the 'tree-tomato's' to see if they were getting red. Yup. They are now and this is delicious : vanilla-icecream with tamarillo-heart, whipped cream and dark brown sugar. Hmmm.

knitting knitting knitting

Knitting last week (and this week, nearly there) : a cotton cross-over jerkin for Lieveke, as it happens in the same vibrant limey color as the party-dress.

I've been drooling over my two new Japanese sewing books - ahhh these books are just so good, i wanna sew every single thing in them! Look :

C-thru-dress from 'one piece sewing'

Flower gown from "more straight stitch dresses"

No, not a sewing book, just some pretty light dancing in our lounge

Have a lovely weekend! I know I will (party!). Gosh she's turning two. Already. -Lies


Hyena In Petticoats said...

Happy birthday to your wee girl!
I have a fondness for Aries women - as you can probably gather from my birthday being last week!

Everything looks gorgeous - that tree fabric, the lovely little dress - the japanese goodness.....yum...

I hope the party is fun!

Leah xx

Fiona said...

Happy party planning for sweet 'big girl'! :)

Melissa said...

happy birthday little L!!!
i hope you all have an excellent day. i adore her new outfit made by you, and the dress by charlotte- perfect for a 'big-girl'!

kimberlee said...

can't wait for the party, and it to see the two year old!

see you soon!


Sally Anne said...

Beautiful fabrics and wow, the knitting!!!!
Congratulations to you on your dear little girl turning two.Have a great party everyone.

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Aw, your little tree! How cute! I like that expression more than the 'they grow like weeds' - tree is definitely more socially acceptable. (But since when am I about being acceptable? "Devil child" is case in point.)

Love the fabric so much - the dress, the trees, and the outfit. You have such stunning choices of prints!

And yay on the knitting bug. I'm still right into it. So relaxing.

Blooming said...

Love that fabric, the funky top and your big girl's room trees.
Hope she has a wonderful party! happy birthday.

fine little day said...

Ah, these japanese crafting books. Hope I have the opportunity to buy some when I´m of to New York soon.

meg said...

that top for your little girl is made of the most amazing fabric! and the party dress is not to shabby either.