Monday, 10 March 2008

Indian summer

We are slowly heading towards autumn here in NZ. Often the days of March are beautifuly sunny though and the light has a gorgeous golden haze. I love March, I did in Belgium (the first warm springy days with crispy clear blue skies) and I do here in Auckland (Feijoa fruit, tamarillo and figs are ripening,yum).

A parcel with new textiles arriving makes me bask some more. Big dots with Cheetah's, and the wavey geo-patterned fabric matches the colors, as if by magic, what a sweet coincidence. I quite like turquoise with chocolate and aubergine with chartreuse at the moment. So deep and rich.

We had one or two wetter and slightly chilly days in between, and that made me feel like knitting again. This week's project was a little beret for Lieveke : Easy Peasy and Fasty Fasty (only a few hours of a rainy day). I found this supersoft and bouncy yarn : a mix of angora and merino.

And because I was feeling autumnal (I think that's what it was) I had to make this gathered top in autumn leaves (fabric from C!) for Lieveke with red knee-pants (yes I made those too!). I like the light dancing with a lock of my daughter's hair here.

The daughter is almost two and really so delightful... She's been doing some amazing (well duh I'm so objective) lateral thinking, such as "mama work at Muka (the gallery), Lieveke work at daycare, papa work at work (ha)" and 'where is papa lieveke?' Answer "He toiling" (meaning he's on the loo!). She says these things so naturally, without a blink, sigh... I'll just stop now - just being a slightly overexcited mum (wow I guess sometimes I still can't believe it! LUCKY ME!)

I'd like to say thank you so for your comments every-one, we don't always have the time to reply to your nice feedback but it is very very appreciated! We are getting to know some new special blogsouls here :

The ruth spoon (hey Blackie in Tasmania, your 'wit woo' sounded uber-cool)

The anti fashion league (Rhonda from right around the Auckie corner, you are one of a creative wunder kind)

Fine little day (you made my little day - I so so admire your beautiful Swedish blog!!!)

Oh, and isn't this a cutey (from these guys). L is only one point...
BUT what a point eh.

Enjoy the week!


kimberlee & Lies said...

nice post! the pretty march light is visible in your photos.

lieve sparkles in her new outfit, even more than usual.

nice of you to thank the new comments, its so amazing how the blog gets read by so many. I read our stats and there are several readers from Scandinavia, the UK, and even brazil!

very exciting.

Melissa said...

lieve's new outfit is just the best! a new autumnleaves top plus matching beret and pants- lucky girl! she looks so sweet.
i used to love march in nz too... a bit windier, a few more leaves around... i hope you enjoy the autumn!
keep up the lovely sewing...

Swonderful said...

Hiya! my names Ginny, I have a little shop in Wellington & me & my mum are the folks behind papercup (which you posted about in your craftwerk ditty)
I have been looking at your blog for a wee while, it's very cute! I hope you don't mind that I pinched one of your pics for our blog, take a look!
x Ginny

Louise said...

So many great things in this post...that new fabric...the wonderful outfit you made your mini-me...the scrabble letter necklace. All lovely! Thanks for sharing!

Charlotte said...

ooh look at those yummy fabrics all together and how well they match. I am about to make myself a dress in green leaves - goodie goodie! But not until I've made Lieve's dress of course

ashley rose helvey said...

lieveke looks so sweet in that hat of yours! beautiful post!

fine little day said...

Oh yes, the daughter, so delightful :)
Like the colorful textiles, and thank you so much for the nice words.

Sally Anne said...

Beautiful post...gorgeous little Lieveke looks so sweet in her beret and autumn outfit, and I think the fabrics are wonderful, I can't wait to see them in some of your creations.

Sally Anne said...

Beautiful post...gorgeous little Lieveke looks so sweet in her beret and autumn outfit, and I think the fabrics are wonderful, I can't wait to see them in some of your creations.

Anonymous said...

I've REALLY missed the feijoas and looking forward to them again, although I just had some juice from a cafe - nice ha.
Oh sweet hat on your perfect little one.
Debra :-)

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Lieveke never fails to amaze me at how cute she is. Also you never fail to amaze me at how gorgeously you dress her! I luuuurve her outfit. May have to make Hannah a matching one!!


amy said...

aww that hat is too cute! and i *love* the scrabble piece :)