Friday, 4 July 2008

crafting again

new rabbits in the shop! As Lies said, we are at the 50 things sold benchmark in our etsy shop, And with that in mind, I put my new 'wabbits' in the shop to celebrate. Just a reminder that there are some freebees going in the orders 50-52, (order number 50 and 51 are already up but #52 is still there).
the runt of the litter

all together now

I was inspired to get sewing again when I saw this monster made by a soft toy artist from south america. She bases her work on her children's drawings and has a flickr collection of many, many more. If you like soft toys, do have a look! i wish I had more sewing skillz. yo.

wow! who feels awkward and doesn't know what to do with their hands? well I sacrifice my dignity in order to show off my new shirt. (if I didn't like it so much there would be some serious head cropping). This reworked vintage blouse was made by the very talented threads by elise and I think there are similar ones available. She can custom fit it to your measurements.

and to all you americans out there: Have a happy day celebrating your independence from the red coats.



R.W.S. said...

Yay! I like the wabbits and their rosy cheeks.

Kirsten said...

Hey that is a fantastic blouse and I loooove the wabbit with the wee jumper on! Fantastic stuff!

Victoria said...

Those rabbits are so cute - all floppy eared and pensive - just like my real rabbits! Always like your fabric combinations too.
And you rock that shirt.

fiona said...

looks like a pic for a mag.. you look smashing!

Lynn said...

Lovely shirt, lovely, lovely model.

Elise Easley said...

You look absolutely beautiful in that top! I am so glad it went to you!