Wednesday, 23 July 2008


Hi friends! It's been a wee while since I blogged... I've really no excuse, I've been having a too good a time!

First of, we're having a grand film-festival here in Auckie and Me and my Scatterbrain had to go and book FIVE movie-treats in a row, not realising that if I was out every night last week, I wouldn't have time left for anything else as nighttimes are usually my only windows of opportunity for sewing and blogging.
Well I did see incredible stuff! Please see if you can catch these in your cinema - rather than rating them for you, I'll just give you a highly personal little blurb on these truly outstanding films. Here we go:

  • Rubbings from a live man : this tremendous feature doco was made by our friend director Florian Habicht, about local cabaret extravaganza mister Warwick Broadhead. Colorful, uncompromised, human, deep, lucid. Splendid. We are very proud of Florian and his whole team. My friend dear friend Tess is in it and also Immogen from Craftwerk. A wonderful extraordinary work of art this film.

  • Le silence de Lorna : with this my compatriots brothers d'Ardenne have made their third hyper-realist drama feature. Ugly things are not hidden in Belgium at it's wettest. But then humans err, everywhere. Perhaps that's why this edgy film got a Palme'd'Or for best screenplay. The leading actress is out of this world, so strong!
  • Le voyage du ballon rouge : if once as a kid you saw the 1957 'Ballon rouge' (as I did many times) you wouldn't wanna miss out on the sequel (and first of a new trilogy) 'Voyage'. Add to that a soft spot for Juliette Binoche (guilty) and you 'll love this one to bits. Yes I did. It was almost as if I smelled Paris (tu me manques!) and la Binoche was masterly -with bleached hair ah!- at 'puppeteering' the worries in the life of a parent...

  • Alexandra : incredible masterpiece, true to the tradition of Tolstoy and Tarkowski. Who else but Russian marvel Sokurov can set the Odyssey in a small closed in space (war in its most masculin form : a dusty Russian army-camp somewhere in neverland) and roam with lyrical melancholy (the wanderings and love of a pacifist grandmother for her soldier grandson). I like the way Sokurov explains nothing. Follow your heart.
  • Buddha collapsed with shame : I'm an ardent fan of the Iranian director's clan Makhmalbaf (father, daughters Samira and now Hannah). They manage to show life as it simply is in worlds of which we often have misconstrued (media-fed) notions. Hannah shows us the dreams and woes of a little girl, trying to go to school, in the ruins of the Taliban-distroyed- great- Buddha's of Bamiyan, Afganistan.

But hold on, I was also treated to a lovely big envelope in my mailbox. Out came two fantastic artworks by our Australian blog-budette Victoria! How swell! Thanks for your generous gifts V. They look even better in the real, wow. And the humor of them is so refreshing! Victoria did a work on kangaroos in her veggie-garden recently, which I thought was completely out of this world. Not only because of the unusual and hilarious choice of topic (although it must have been a disaster apparently), but to an urbanised little Belgian like me -it IS unreal!

And then, there was that other Treat, with a capital T. My friend Loulou lent me her Overlocker. How. Massive. Except that I was able to overlock for about 2 minutes and then I mucked it all up by re-threading the marvelous machine in a thousand wrong ways. I think only Nobel-prize scientists are able to hack the dark secrets of The Overlocker. I have been re-threading for 2 nights in a row now. But I'm not giving up. Yet. I. Must. And will. Overlock.

'we shall overcome' (hummed with a pathetic lustfulness)

And so I decided to revert to well known territory. I made these two pinnies on my plain but darlingly cooperative sewing-machine. This Friday in the Etsy, the 'happy chick' pinnies.

That's all!
See you soon X


Victoria said...

Yay for the overlocker! I have no idea what to do with one but I remember my mum was really into hers.
I'm glad you liked your prints. I forgot to tell you - the kangaroo in the vegie garden was inaginary - it didn't happen, but there is a fear of rouge kangaroos coming in a attacking kids in a town near by us because once one came and attacked a little girl in her backyard, so, it's a scary thought. It was actually my rabbits who got in and destroyed my husband's veggies!

kimberlee & Lies said...

Oh no! I hadn't a clue they could be so dangerous... Sorry V!

lilysmakebelieve said...

Hi Lies,

Thank you for the movie suggestions. I finally made it to one I've been wanting to see last night, 'Billy the Kid'. It was excellent.

Hope your surviving the storm!
Liv xx

Mrs.French said...

Yay! I am bookmarking many films I need to find and watch. Your pinnies are sweet perfection!

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Gorgy pinnies as usual Lies.

And goooood luck with the overlocker. I know every time I have to rethread my machine, tears are shed. Along with a few profanities spoken.


R.W.S. said...

Overlockers are scary... even people who know how to thread them (not me) can't explain how it's done! Fun to zoom around with when they are threaded, though :)