Wednesday, 9 July 2008

an urban walk, I'll lead.

(my street: the St James building)

Lies is right, it has been ghastly here recently. The beautiful thunderstorms she spoke of must have passed right by my apartment because I all got was a wet, gray, cold week, and I don't know if I have already mentioned this before but our houses (in NZ) do not have heating. Yes folks, be shocked. When it's cold out there, its cold in here too.

But Glory Be, the sun broke through this week and we've been experiencing the most crisp blue skies and sunny days. I took my camera on my morning walk today, in celebration of the weather (and partially too because I needed proof, yes documentation to look upon when the weather turns to custard again).

With out meaning to, I returned home with a collection of trees.

The deep shadows of winter are still with us, but the clock tower on the Auckland Art Gallery has managed to find some rays. Yes this is still my street, I am so lucky!

elliot street

St Mathews Cathedral is on the way too ... did you know I have a destination?

Yoshi was watching these gulls very intently while trying to obey my order "leave it". We are still working on that command because my dog loves to chase (and kill ... yes, its true... R.I.P. chickens on the family farm).

in some places Autumn is still hanging on.

Anybody know what kind of tree this is? we did not have these in Minnesota, that is for sure. But I wish we did, something about them reminds me of Dr. Suess.

okay, not a tree but this sign gets me everytime. I love that its so simple and not advertising any product but instead a category of drink. There is probably a story behind this, does anybody know it? I think some kid just climbed up there and spraypainted, but it has been up for months now.
our destination! Victoria park is the only off lead dog park in the entire centre city so we come here a lot. I love imagining when these trees were first planted all in row; the person planting most likely never got to see the beautiful results. but thankyouthankyou, for I can see them.

bark of the tree looking like a water colour painting.

The skate park looking like a public sculpture. Is art not everywhere?

if only this guy hadn't ruined my shot.

Neon rectangles guide the way home. I hope you enjoyed my urban walk. Auckland has an abnormal amount of green space in comparision to most city centres which is smart. Nothing can replace a tree.

Back in the STUDIO:
a new wabbit creation, a much bigger and more cuddly version. The eyes are my new favourite thing, especially since they are internally fastened and thus very secure and safe.
You can see more of this guy (if you want to) on our etsy.

Also some new collages. Tomorrow we are going to have another little etsy update as I think Lies is putting in some pants and I will put in these new works.

history is scary
size A5
(who spies the terrified little boy?)

watch out wabbit
size A5

Das ist alles.
I hope everyone is well, and that all you s. hemisphere dwellers are staying warm.



Lynn said...

Loving trees may be in your genes - thanks for treating me to your urban walk - beautiful. Glad the sun has returned - now you can replenish your vit. D the good ol' fashioned way.


Mrs.French said...

I never get sick of the blue. The winter in Portland is all about the gray you were speakng of. I love all of your photos, but the Seussical one is my fave.

Victoria said...

The new fluffy rabbit is a gorgeous design. Thanks for the walk through the city, I think that guy who got in the shot is very funny - something about the way he's walking - it's just amusing. That must be crazy not having heating in your place over there!!

Victoria said...

P.s. the Suess trees looks like some sort of gum tree to me?

clting said...

the new rabbit creation is cute. I like it. :)

Kate S said...

I love the wolfy cards. Have a great craftwerk. I will be thinking of y'all. Please think of me when I fly out next Saturday,

charlotte said...

yep it's a gum tree for sure, some type of eucalyptus perhaps.

have heard the winter is terribly cold and awful - the summer here is quite cold too, but the sun is out today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we're off out to brick lane and east london market morning stuff


carina said...

haha, i LOVE the beer billboard too!! makes me smile everytime I drive past.