Monday, 7 July 2008

It's beastly, really

It is the heart of NZ winter - very very WET and WINDY with thunderstorms, though I quite like that kind of spectacle - we live in the bottom of an old riverbed, and we hear the roaring thunder reverberating powerfully over the valley, beautiful! And I think we're at the coldest of the season, I'm wearing 4 layers... So outside is grey and glum. We need a bit of color!

Woho it seems a good many additions to my fabric stash are rather beastly!



Zebra stripes ( I love these : old Kimono print would you believe)

And friends, hold on to your surfin'-seats, you won't believe, I've made a BOY garment!!! I used to think that sewing boy stuff was boring... Now many mums were cross with me... And really all I needed were some animals. So here you go, for toddler BOYS from 2 to 3 years old : ELE-PANTS! You can get some, in the Etsy, this thursday - in brown, orange or beige fine corduroy with some orange, green or natural elephant-accents.

How's your winter/summer?
Have a spiffing week!


Little Miss Flossy said...

Darn cold here too, it keeps snowing off and on. I'm trying to think of inside things to do that don't involve the tv but my resolve to keep the box turned off is wavering...

Love the boy-pants, very styley!

alisonmc said...

My winter is freakishly cold and I'm very glad to hear it's not just me thinking it!

Fabulous elephants!!

Lynn said...

Love your things, and these boy pants are such a great addition. Always enjoy your insights and patterns, colors and creations.

Lynn (Kimberlee's mom)