Wednesday, 30 July 2008



Well it has been delightful reading all the comments about my last post, and I am truly honoured by enthusiastic reception the dolls received. It was especially fun reading from those first timers and checking out new (to me) blogs. thanks again Luke for making the game, (I am already thinking of new anemone games for him to build!)

For those of you who would still like to get in for the draw, you have until next week. Just check out the previous post and leave a comment.

Little Wabbits
*UPDATE wabbits are in the shop along with NEW PINNIES and GATHERED TOPS from lies

A craft BOMB has gone off in my place. I am getting ready for craftwerk, working towards a etsy update, making things for the te tuhi shop, and getting ready for a new auckland based craft fair that should be starting up soon.

I will release details about the new fair when I am more sure of whats happening. Lets just say its going to be GOOD.

Thus far I have made this pack of rabbits. These little guys are only 20x12 cm and $10 each. I may put some in our etsy. (*update: yes I did)

(wait that doesn't sound right, a pack of rabbits?.... let me educate myself with google. Here are come good animal colelctives: a murder of ravens, a seething of eels, a mob of emus, a company of foxes. But for rabbits take your pick:a burry, a colony, a cirlce, a trace of rabbits. Do these sound right to you? correct me please.) at any rate, I have a lot of wabbits now.

Including these big guys who are going to Te Tuhi.

and these bags (which still need to be ironed, hence the crop shots).

But with all this crafting and doll making output, it is surely time to give credit to my input. Sometimes its hard to track influences because they are everywhere, but the other day I was frolicking through google images when I found this!

Sweedish textile designer Malin Björklund really knocked my socks off with this hand painted wallpaper from her 2006 collection. There are many many great things on her website, so check it out here.

That beautiful wallpaper made me want to try my own version (above). Its definitely not as elegant or detailed as Malin Björklund's work but it was a worthwhile experiment. Something about hand painting simple patterns made me feel like a kid again, just moving and feeling with out judgement or analysis. Anyway my wallpaper served its purpose as the backdrop of the paperdolls game. maybe some of you spotted it?

okay this post has gotten away from me. ramble ramble.

hope you are all well



Heart Felt said...

Talk about breeding like rabbits! They are very cute. xx

R.W.S. said...

Argh! I am becoming obsessed with the wabbits! [Maybe that could be their collective name: 'an obsession of wabbits'.] I've always liked animal collectives, esp. 'a pod of dolphins' :)
That wallpaper is so nice!
ps: I'm getting ready for that mysterious new market too, and also don't have many details yet...

Anemone said...

Hi, isn't it funny: By accident I saw your creative blog, it's very nice. My Name ist Anemone and I am living in Germany. Great to meet you!

Anonymous said...