Thursday, 17 July 2008

making my own sunshine

Today I am looking at this picture and drinking orange juice in attempt to sunny things up. Yes, its gray and raining again. But it IS winter, so I don't know why I expect otherwise.

Lies took this picture about a year ago and I thought I would repost it since probably most of you weren't reading back then. (those were our armature days, and of course we are professionals now, wink ;) Little Lieveke has the sunniest wardrobe in all the land and it makes for very good mid winter viewing. Every time I see Lieve I get a dose of colour therapy.

Speaking of colour therapy; BAM!
This anemone clothes and fabric collage is part of a secret project I am working on at the moment. I had good fun putting this together and it also served as colour therapy. The unveiling of the secret project is scheduled for next week. so if you like knowing secrets, and are into a good give away now and then, STAY TUNED.

My cuddly wabbit prototype has developed a little bit further. He now has straight legs for better shape and added height and also sports a slightly smaller face patch. I can't quite remember but I think Victoria from Dear Megan gave me the ear fabric. Cheers tori!

*update, he's now in the shop

In the Studio:
I was quickly running out of desk space so what to do? I attempted to hang more stuff on the walls but just try and get a nail into stuccoed concrete, I triple dog dare you. Because in my experience, all you get is tiny nail head impressions in your wall and a host of bent nails on the ground. also nothing sticks to concrete stucco.

SO I used two existing nails (that must have been put in with a drill or a steal armed super hero) to string this washing line, a charming solution I think. If only I hadn't immediately filled the newly created desk.

I thought I would share this little drawing I made at the beginning of the year. Its hanging on my studio wall to remind me to work harder and meet my potential. or something like that. (The photo quality is a bit lacking but I hope you can still get the idea.)

Oh I almost forgot some very exciting news!
there is to be another craftwerk!
August 14th 6-9 pm in St. Kevins Arcade

but shhh, don't get too excited or you might frighten it away.



Louise said...

Thank you for the dose of colour! I love the shot of Lieveke's clothes hanging on the line. And the wabbit is just so adorable!

Victoria said...

Yes, it was a pillowcase. I am SO into your evolving rabbit design.
That Lieveke washing line photo is wonderful.

allthingsreally said...

Hi girls,

So nice to catch up with you again!! Your craft mosaic looks wonderful, so colourful and happy!
My blog is now friends only so please come along to add yourself as a friend so I can reciprocate!
Love the furry bunny big time!!
Debra x

Kimberley said...

i love that drawing - it's an awesome way to remind yourself, and so cute!

Alida said...

I looooove the bunny toy. Might have to buy one at Craftwerk if you have them there.

R.W.S. said...

The wabbit is going to end up with its own blog! I love the latest version. Nice colourway :) See you at Craftwerk, hopefully!

Ravenhill said...

Oh, my goodness, I just discovered your beautiful blog and I love your rabbits! They are so cute and sweet. What delightful things you sew!