Monday, 11 May 2009

let's hear it for the moms!

happy mothers day

Happy mothers day

happy mothers day

happy mothers day

happy mothers day

happy mothers day

For all you mothers out there, this is a collection of photos I took on this Mothers day weekend. I hope it was a really great day for you, where you felt special and loved.

At work we asked the primary school kids, What does honour your mother mean? They came up with: respect, encourage, help. Not bad.

Also on mother's day morning for the mums: Flowers, gifts, stories from 3 generations of women (grandmother, mother, daughter), a film made by the kids about their mums, india ink portraits and/or art work for the mums, melting moments, poetry written by the children, hand painted murals, and love hearts galore. t'was good!

happy mothers day

Here is a collection of my favourite old pictures of my beautiful, beautiful mom. Thanks for the good raisings, (and please don't be mad that I stole all the best pictures from the family photo drawer.) I wish I could be there to bring you breakfast in bed!

ps. today is my nz citizenship ceremony!
pps. second photo down is a card I saw hanging on the wall at Lies' house. I am not sure who the artist is but maybe Lies can fill us in.


Kimberley said...

your mum is real pretty, i love those old yellow photos. and good luck today!

Lynn said...

How I love and miss you dearest daughter. You've brought a huge ray of sunshine to my soul this Mother's Day. Happy NZ ceremony to you also - have been thinking of you all day.

victoria said...

Well - your mother looks just like you. Or you look just like your mother! Love the old photos and especially their clothes.

phoebe said...

the artist is brian andreas. here's his website -

lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

Your mum looks just like your beautiful beautiful self! Happy Mothers Day ladies (bit belated)