Thursday, 21 May 2009

a review of sorts

self priting kit
I have always thought it a shame that my cards don't have something on them to help my customers get in touch with me or connect to our blog if they desire. Since I have large order of cards I am trying to fill before I move, I decided to get my hands on a self stamping and printing kit. It worked perfectly and the end result looks better than I imagined. Since these little kits are under $40, I am recommending it to you with two thumbs up.

self priting kit
It works just like a miniature printing press. You just take the tiny letters, line them up backwards on your plate, then stamp away. Lining up the microscopic letters was painstaking, I'll be honest, but the backwards part was easier than I expected. My kit came with extra letters; the standard large set and an additional smaller set. This allows you to play around with your design more and fit in more text. The extra $5 this cost was well worth it.

self printing kit
Here it is all lined up on my plate and ready to go. My plate allows for four lines of text, some allow for five so that is something to be aware of. My kit also came with 2 plates so that you can have two different bits of text ready to go.

self priting kit
For a bit of colour I also got this wood carved stamp from trade aid.

self priting kit
and TA DA! Now that the backs of my cards are claimed by my stamp, there will never be any question about who made them!

So if you are interested you can get this at warehouse stationary or paper plus (I know, not my top stores either). There are a few different kinds but I got the "Shiny s-883."

Okay so there you have it, my first and maybe only product review. :)

I leave you with my favourite card from this order. I call it, "I dream of kitties!"

Emily & Beau's wedding is tomorrow night so I am headed over to her place now for a frantic wedding cake baking session. wish me luck!

Also T minus 12 days before we got to Berlin! We are getting kind of desperate for housing so if anybody has some hook ups, please let me know. (we've emailed over 20 people who are renting out there rooms, but have only heard back from 2. What gives?)



Agnes Nz said...

What an amazing blog! Your creations are gorgeous...

Bronwyn Lloyd said...

Brilliant idea to use a stamp set to identify your lovely cards. I've bought some of the Trade Aid woodblocks too but I find that the design doesn't print very clearly. Is there a special kind of ink I should be using?

skymring said...

i just found this blog: - a u.s. family travelling the globe - and they're just leaving berlin, so maybe they know of something? could be worth a try. your 'i.d.' stamp is pretty pretty!

Victoria said...

So rad and old school and modern at the same time K!

Lynn said...

Beautiful work, as always."Dreaming of Kitties" is the best! Hope you made lots of cards. Love the printing kit and the old fashioned way it works. Imagine printing a whole newspaper in this manner, speaking of painstaking. Praying about your housing. Hope the wedding is wonderful.

ruby in the dust said...

love the retro feel of the stamp! good luck with getting ready for Berlin...

hanna said...

These look great!
And you've just reminded me that I have one of these in my cupboard! I don't know whay it has been forgotten so long. I think I must go and get it out.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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