Friday, 15 May 2009

wedding planning

wedding planning afternoon

This past weekend we got together at Lies' house for a session of wedding planning for Emily! The proper wedding is happening in their Candian homeland, but we are having an celebration here in NZ before they head off.

Just about every time I go over to Lies house, I feel the need to take hundreds of snap shots because every little corner is filled with something bright, interesting, and very inspired -just like dweller of the house themselves. There is always something different; a new toy, drawing, knitted blanket, cushion cover, and so on. My eyes don't have a chance to get bored!

winter garden invite
Emily wants the celebration to be held at these beautiful indoor winter gardens, isn't that fabulous? And so we are going to do it! Here is a little collage I designed for the e-vite... working off of the ideas of winter, garden, and some of emily's favourtie colours.

my portfolio

Also another big thing this week, dropping off my finally completed portfolio book to my new agency! international rescue are now representing me as an illustrator which I am very happy about. If anybody would like some tips about portfolio books and you live in auckland, I would sure be happy to talk. I learned a lot about printing and bookbinding through this process.

Off to an appointment with my accountant, which will be about as much fun as a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. oh well, these things must be done.

merry weekend everybody!


ruby in the dust said...

I love the collage, the colours are beautiful. congrats too for having an agent; I assume you did it all yourself before.

JasperBoy said...

Beautiful images, professionally captured. Thank you so much for sharing Kimberlee.

Jen in Melbourne

skymring said...

i can see why you want to take pictures of everything in her house - so would i! lovely, lovely photo collage. i feel like picking stuff off of her shelves and place them on mine!

Victoria said...

Lies house looks like a beautiful world.
Lovely lovely wedding invite creation.

hanna said...

Nice pictures, so much pretty colour. Love the invite - my sister also did e-vites - such a great idea - save the trees!
Your portfolio looks wonderful - something I need to do one day.

Anonymous said...

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