Monday, 25 May 2009

More you pretty (given) things

We are so lucky I tell you, some people are so generous that we have to repeat : we are so lucky I tell you. The above are just a VERY small selection of the massive parcels those generous friends sent, I just picked these because I felt yellowish and craved some sun today I guess (outside is rainy gray).

-Rosie Flo colouring in book for Lieveke, from Charlotte
-retro cross-over top and daffodil baby slippers, from Melissa

-funky kitten skirt for Lieve and baby pants for Noor from Jen,
who chose carefully from this wonderful shop.



sigh :

thank you



Oh and I do like these colorful Dutch blogs :




I discovered them via my new favorite Julija's wardrobe (sewing AND knitting AAAND Belgian).

I hope the sun does come through for all this week


vlijtig said...

Thanks for putting a link to my weblog! It made me discover yours. I'll be steppng by more often to see what you both are up to.

JasperBoy said...

You're so welcome!!
Given that I can't craft, I did the next best thing and chose some Kinchi pieces that I thought were a perfect match for you and for your beautiful girls. I do hope that Lieveke is happy to wear her kitten skirt.

Jen in Melbourne

ruby in the dust said...

what very creative friends you have! Love the colour scheme. Hope to see you on Sunday, Lies, Kraftbomb just isn't the same without you and Kimberlee :)

MUS said...

thank you for mention my blog int his post!!

love yours too. I have bookmarked your site yet and I will come back again.

hanna said...

oh oh oh, all so sweet and gorgeous!

victoria said...

That bird top is wonderful and the kinchi skirt (amazing shop!!) will look so cool, goes without saying that Melissa shoes are beautiful too. You're gonna look very stylish and arty with your two specialy dressed children!xxoo

Anonymous said...

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