Monday, 18 May 2009

Oh you pretty things

1. gorgeous tiny and softest matinee-jacket (Elisabeth Zimmermann pattern) knit by our dear friend Emily, for Noor. I added the buttons, Emily hates sewing on buttons, but I love!

2. i'm at it again friends - managed to sew two new pinafores for the long suffering Etsy shoppe, still have to add some finishing touches - hope to post them on wednesday

3. wonderful earflap-hat sewn by our dear friend Hanna. The flowery-flaps are baby-cord. Snuggalorious. Originally for Lieveke, a tad too small now but I think perfect for Noor come springtime.

4. aha. my. new. dress. From Gabe and his parents, for my birthday. To wear at Emily's wedding. This friday, yay.

Have a happy week now!



skymring said...

thanks for giving me that bowie song on my mind, i love it :)

hanna said...

All so gorgeous!
That cardi is the sweetest. Love the rainbow of buttons.
And wow, you're doing sewing already. Little Noor must be being a good wee girl for you. Love the fabrics on those wee dresses. And the hat - CUTE.
And great dress!

JasperBoy said...

I am so glad that Anemone pinnies are back in store!!

Thank you Lies.

Jen in Melbourne

kimberlee said...

I can't beleive how amazing that cardi is, emily is a top knitter! but Lies, the buttons are wonderfull too! where did you get them?!?

Julija's wardrobe... said...

Lovely sweater!! I like the buttons!!

Anonymous said...

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