Monday, 25 February 2008

the almighty CRAFTWERK post

Well craftwerk was almost a week ago but I haven't forgotten my promised post! So here is some of the loveliness. But before we begin please understand that is takes me ages and I don't always have the time to properly describe each crafter. Consider this more of a glimpse and hopefully if something is inspiring, you can check out the link and find out more.

THE CUP CAKE QUEEN photo from her blog^

our resident cupcake queen, who was unable to make cupcakes this time, but will sure be there for the next craftwerk. check here out HERE

posters for sale! very nice stall set up too. and if you don't know who these guys are, check them out here

these very young girls were possibly my favourite new comers to the scene. They have created metalic jewelry from animal toys. very clever indeed.

(Didn't get their name)
we'd all look quite dapper in your bow ties.

R.W. Scissors
R.W. Scissors by Bronwyn

great display! by sally tran. her website here

you'll love their sweet jewelry, all painstakingly but lovingly hand made for you out of resin. You can also check these guys out at the te tuhi markets.
web HERE

Rhonda is looking very in control as usual with the mysterious claire no where to be seen.
if you haven't yet seen her UBER fun website, go here now!

this fimo jewelry brings me back to my earliest crafting days and I am happy to see its making a comeback. thanks! we await the day you get a blog running so I can link you.

Nameless guys
these teenagers show us guys can craft too. Also the glass bowls in the corner are made of marbles by Town & Country Glass

pop a balloon to get your prize, or send yourself a love letter. She'll even do the mailing so the experience feels more genuine:) very excellent ideas, I like the idea of buying an expereience.

My favourite featured creation from toggle, how great is this!!! (please overlook my arm hair glinting in the sun)
and just in case you missed the other (hundred) times I have linked them, find them HERE

These beautiful broaches and necklaces get me everytime, featuring new zealands native birds.
you can buy them through toggle here

This designer, Caroline Munro is also a newbie to craftwerk. Along with dresses, and belts, she also makes these bright undies. email:

rocking dinos at only $30 !! by Holly West.

They had t-shirts and toys, but I was most smitten with these little creations.
they have a website so check it HERE


she is an illustrator and maker of things and in this case those things are cards, t-shits, tea towels, aprons.

I've featured trixie before but in case you missed it and want more, you can find her HERE

You'll find her at te tuhi markets this weekend, and I think she's bringing her original retro caravan. love the cushions.

You know the craft of sonya, maker of pinnies, overalls, zip pouches, and sun hats all in retro fabrics.... right? well if not, find her HERE

they have no name yet, but wool is the new cool and they knit (or crochet) everything imaginable. see those feminine hygiene products? yeah, everything.

the new take on the sock toys. These cuties are a unique style and there are plenty more on her blog, find her here

the comic and zine table run by local cherry bomb. Craftwerk regulars and I think they even have their own store featuring feminist comix, zines and underground. find them virtually

organic skin care products, prints & cards, baby clothes, and (my favourite) linen bags. Charlotte does it all, but you know that already. Find her shop HERE

More collage goodness from Kirsten. She is still selling through toggle and I have heard unconfirmed rumors that she might just be at the next te tuhi market.

IN the original sock monkey styles, i must get one of these for somebody! she's been at craftwerk for a while now and I think I can no longer resist the stripped goodness.

Yes sarah was there again (good ol craftwerk regular) showing off her button wares. she'll be at te tuhi this weekend too so I hope you no longer need any more convincing that the markets are going to be well worth a stop in.


I have something I want to share with you but I am saving it for next time when I have enough energy to introduce it properly. so please stay tuned.



Lies said...

Omg what a massive post! Well done you dear! I seem to have missed out on a few of these stalls... Great to have them here!!!

X Lies

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Wooo awesome linkage. I should really get along to more crafty markety stuff. Newtown fair this weekend tho - hopefully there'll be some crafters present there :)

P.S. Dying to hear your news. Will try and be patient.

Charlotte said...

ah yes I missed most of them -eep! I want those artspace posters!!!!!

R.W.S. said...

Hi! Thanks so much for posting a photo of my stuff! I think the sock monkey lady at this Craftwerk is new - she isn't Yvon who you posted a pic of awhile back (we sometimes share a table).
I really like your blog. I just started one too (I'm hoping mine improves...)
Anyway, thanks again!

city said...

wow that was one epic long post!

Thanks so much for the mention of the NZ Cupcake Queen and for taking the time to take photos of all the other stalls. I think I managed to get around most of them, so many clever crafty people there!

City the NZCQ x

Louise said...

Ooh thanks for all those links. Will have to check them out. I especially like the look of those native bird brooches and necklaces...

trixie said...

Thanks for including me and what a great pic. We had lots of fun and sold a few too. It was cool to meet you, cheers Trix.

Melissa said...

thank you for this wicked post. now i don't feel so sad that i miss craftwerk everytime, because i can live vicariously through you. :)
man, there is SOOO much goodness going on there, in one market! am off to check out those links now. xx

Victoria said...

I love that plastic/metalic animal jewelery, my son would want to wear one for sure.
I am very excited to be on the internet again!
Oh and how cool are the native NZ bird broches, yes they're great.

Rhondah Rhombus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rhondah Rhombus said...

it was worth the wait! I missed heaps of those stalls who must've gone home early..
hopefully see you at te tuhi on sat.
~RR aka CC

mangobears said...

First of all, thank you for having my photo on your blog, that's very nice of you.
I didn't have time to go around on the day to see all the crafts out there, that's a bit shame. But seeing those things on your site, they looked great!I sure won't miss them next time^^

Look Left Karen said...

Hi Kimberlee, just found your post about the car bracelets, a bit bloody late of me, I know!
...fabulous, thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

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