Tuesday, 5 February 2008

ENJOY! the local colour! the te tuhi summer markets

The te tuhi centre for the arts is located in Pakuranga Auckland, and this year they decided to run a local market. I think its a great idea because we all could do with a little more community. And shopping locally is one way to help the solve the problem of our flawed systems of consumption. but I won't go on about that just now.... instead I will introduce you to the local colour.

THE ANTI FASHION LEAUGESee Claire in the backround there? (not the pineapple head, the one wearing the blonde wig) She designs the t-shirts with clever illustrations, the badges, the pencils, the stationary... all of it. On her business card, she is ironically just the 'vice president'. yeah I get it :) funny woman you are!
'P.J.s all day now O.K.'


I completely meant to buy a few of these pencils because they charmed me. but I forgot. next time, okay?
yes we do love the anti fashion league. She is a bit of a newbie as this was her first market but look out for her at the upcoming craftwerks. hopefully she'll get in:)

she has a really fun website for your amusement antifashionleague.com

This woman has taken her love of caravans to the craft world, just look at the beautiful things she makes. Lies bought one of her cushions a while back which was equal parts weird and wonderful.

oh nostalgia, sweet sweet nostalgia.
next market there is talk of her bringing her retro caravan and parking it our front for people to admire. she will even let you go inside. bonus.

The local nuts. (I didn't mean that as a joke but it kinda sounds like one) These guys are all over the place now and doing really well, have you seen them at brittomart markets? a seriously good product.

THE ANTIQUES STALL (okay I don't really know the name)
the women are charming though, see?

Sonja makes some cute kids clothes... check her website.

these sisters recently teamed up and started their own line of t-shirts and homeware. One is an illustrator/graphic designer and the cards, t-shirts, and cushions show off her original designs.
get in touch: virginia.angelia@ihug.com


Don't you just love the logo? either it's purposely retro or it hasn't changed in 35 years. My money is on the latter.This woman volunteers her time promoting conservation.

Oh here's us.
we're anemone by the way. but you know that already. Lies didn't do these market so it was just my stuff this time. we'll be reunited at craftwerk though, so anticipate our full range.


a craftwerk regular. Her badges speak for themselves.
Sarah will be at the next craftwerk but meanwhile you can find her here.

that's it for the markets. Sorry those I left out, I forgot to take photos of some people.

SO next te tuhi market is March 1st. more stall holders are invited so get in touch here if you are interested. don't be shy.

te tuhi link here



Anonymous said...

fabulous - it looks like a fantastic market!!!
I might look into it.
Kate. www.fossage.typepad.com

pinkflowerbuttons said...

Very cool stuff, love the idea behind anti fashion.

Victoria said...

Thanks for the market tour. In one way I wish I had places like this to visit myself, but then again I'd spend all my money so maybe it's better to just see it on the computer screen. hey, and your stall looks so cool. and I'm sending you some photo transfer paper ok!

amy said...

ooo your stall looks cuuute! :)

Emma said...

Hi there - I found you off Stripy Sock Studio. Do you know how I can find out more about the caravan girl? My dad loves caravans and her cushions would be a great present.

Kimberlee + Lies said...

hey emma,
glad you like caravan.

you can email the oragniser of the te tuhi markets, her email address is: renee@tetuhi.org.nz
she will put you in touch with caravan.

alternatively, caravan will be at the craftwerk on saturday on cross street, if you live in auckland.

good luck!

Kimberlee + Lies said...

next sat the 16th of feb I mean

blackie said...

what a great post, I really felt like I got to go to the market. If only it was smell-a-vision and touch-a-vision. I want some of those goodies!

Anti-fashion league said...

Hey Kimberlee
Thanks for the featured article! How exciting.. I have applied for craftwerks at cross st so fingers crossed. Have to get some more tees printed though cos we're selling out of some. Lots of requests for female pineapple war helmet so will get some of those done! Yay hope to see you soon...rhondah..x

Rhondah Rhombus said...

Oh and I forgot to say I love how you profiled the antiques lady and the bird lady..her estuary protection form cracks me up..it's so very uncool but cool. I must get more into the blogging thing.. when i get a few mins I am going to make a few little crafty documentaries!

allthingsreally said...

Great colourful pics, you stall especially! Ha the caravan pics made me smile - I've not long finished an embroidered caravan cushion! A 1960's little van is on my list too :-)
The market lookded fab - hope you did well,
Debra :0)

Sally Anne said...

Oh how I wish I could have been there too, although it was almost as good seeing all your great photos....thankyou.Your stall looked fantastic and I loved the V and A designs, and especially the antique lady!