Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Cream is YUM

Hello everyone, it's Lies, finally! I haven't been able to blog as much as I'd like to lately... Let's catch up!

Last Saturday I met the lovely Jodi, who runs 'The cream of Matakana', a wonderful design and lifestyle store in Matakana, to the North of Auckland. Jodi had ordered a 'Leopard-dress' for her nearly-two-year-old daughter Claudia. BUT she also wanted to stock, for exclusive retail, on these :

Jodi Emailed me later on to say that the second leopard-dress sold as well, only 5 minutes after I delivered it to the shop. How exciting! I really was pleasantly surprised at the attractiveness of 'the Cream' (the shop is housed in what used to be a dairy factory and has lots of space and light) and the quality of the goods for sale. AND they sell my very favorite Blue Earth soaps (just hooked on their spicy fragrances!). So have a look for yourself : The Cream of Matakana
Yes, as Lieveke declared a deep existential thruth the other day : 'CREAM IS YUM'. This after eating loads of only whipped cream and none of the healthy fruits of the summer pudding...

It was actually our craft-buddy-ette Charlotte who put Jodi on to me. Thanks so much C. Charlotte's pretty range of baby-clothes and bags is also available at 'the Cream'! Here is Lieveke in a gorgeous halter top with my favorite Liberty print, made by Charlotte (and the skirt made by myself) :

And today, I recieved another Email form Jodi, with photo's of her Little Claudia in the new leopard-dress, so sweet :

And because I just love to post on children in my stuff, here is Hannah, 3 year-old-daughter of another craft-pall-erina, Nikki. Born to model this spunky girl, in the 'little linen dress' :

The drive to Matakana takes a good hour and a half. To make it pleasant for every-one (Gabriel driving, Lieveke singing and snoring) we travelled with stops. On the way up we visited the pictoresque town Puhoi, originally a Tchecq settlement. Here is Lieveke by the Puhoi-river with the tiny (very old and very cute) library-building reflected in the water.

And on the way back we had a picnic/snooze/swim in paradisal Wenderholm, a typically more shielded and less rugged Eastcoast beach with parks and a river, where lots of Pacific Island and Indian families love to gather for huge barbecues or swim-fests. Great fun, for the eyes as well.

So there, Saturday was a fun day for all of us. And Sunday sort of oozed along in the same happy atmosphere, as I finally got to sew some new things for the upcoming Craftwerk-fair of next Saturday!

To be continued, friends!
-X Lies


Anonymous said...

your dresses just keep getting cuter and cuter and cuter.
Kate - www.fossage.typepad.com

Melissa said...

there's so much goodness here! jodi from matakana is so sweet, eh? her daughter looks beautiful in the dress you made. go nz-summer drives out of the city!

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

I absolutely adore the leopard dress. So.... ya making bigger sizes? Maybe I should email you about that.

The girls look so so so cute.

ashley rose helvey said...

congrats on your dresses! they are so cute! the trip looked like so much fun, nothing better than a mini road trip. so nice :)

Kimberlee + Lies said...

these dresses are very special, such a good design, they fit the little girls so well and I love how the straps are angled in back so they don't slip off the shoulder. well done lies, I hope you are proud.

love the toddy bibs too as usual.