Monday, 11 February 2008

when moving backward is good

a drawing for The Ribbon's myspace page

I have been inspired lately and I did a bunch of drawings on Thursday and Friday last week. Mainly I wanted to do some fashion illustration to use in a portfolio submission to a magazine.

For the longest time I have stayed away from drawing the human form in a linear way because it's one of my strengths. And this may sound crazy but I got suborn and didn't want to do something I was good at because it felt like I was just playing my trump card. I wanted a move away from my comfort zone.But these drawings were just so fun and easy for me. I feel silly now for completely staying away from this kind of drawing for so long . Meanwhile I started doing loads of collage which you have probably seen in my cards, so I guess it was good to move on for while. Now it's starting to look like a blend of the two, no?
I may even want to do some life drawing classes again, just for fun. But this time I wouldn't try so hard to challenge myself, and I'd just draw the way I naturally do. lines. lines. lines.

Oh and keeping up with my last post, I thought I would give a little update. Luke and I have signed up for an organic fruit and veg box drop program. There are several available in Auckland so we are lucky. This is a pretty big step for me because I just just hate buying expensive things (its the Minnesotan in me), maybe because it feels unrealistic or impractical. But really I must remind myself that factory farming is far more unrealistic and impractical in the long run.

okay that's all for now. More crafting goodness coming soon (we have a craftwerk this weekend so I will be posting pictures of gear :)



Charlotte said...

wow - the drawings are just amazing!!! keep with them :)

And if you get tired of your organic box, we buy our organics from the French market in St George's bay road in parnell on saturdays. Fresh and gorgeous. And CHEAP !!!! Our bill is $16 a week.

L.Cerre said...

I'm totally feeling your post title.

Kirsten said...

Totally love the illustrations - you are such a talented lady! They are so beautful - I want one!
Also wondering if you are going to have your baby shoes/toys at craftwerk this weekend? I need to buy a gift for a friend with a new babe plus I love those rabbits! Just send me an email if thats cool - I havent got this blogger thing sorted yet!
email is

Anonymous said...

Those drawings are *incredible* - you are SO talented, darlin'.

x Helen

Anonymous said...

very amazing drawing!!
Kate /

Melissa said...

oh, wow. k, i'm in love with these drawings. you are really talented. they have such a funky, beautiful feel to them!

Melissa said...

p.s. i forgo to say- congrats on signing up for the veges! we did that in nelson, andi actually think we saved $$ in the end, although the delivery was quite expensive. because we always had fruit and vegetables in the fridge, i found we went to town and the supermarket a lot less often. we ate a lot healthier, too!
hope you find it works out for you..

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

The drawings are GORGEOUS! You are great at the human form. And freak, it's the hardest thing to be good at! Our art teachers at school used to always advise against doing figures in our portfolio as the markers would kick our asses if we didn't do it perfectly. Bet you would have aced it. xox