Thursday, 28 February 2008

werkhaus AND business as usual?

Well last time I said I had news which had some people jumping to conclusions, but no I am not pregnant. :) the news is actually about the new company my husband and I have called WERKHAUS. We've had it for a while and have mainly used it for tax purposes because we both do contract work and are considered 'self employed', anyway....

Now we are focusing more on our company identity so we finally have our website/blog done. IF you ever wanted to see more creative out put by me, or are interested in what my husband gets up to, you should definately visit me HERE.

when birds land on your fingers, #1 in a the four part series Perfect Day

On this site I can promise you will see more illustration as it has quite a lot of my work up. (for example the collage above .... there are 3 others like it so check them out on werkhaus)
Also see the new media and design work Luke does, read about his music projects, and visit links to his band's (the ribbon) myspace.

Hopefully I have sufficiently plugged werkhaus. But just in case, I will periodically give updates, and also will add werkhaus to our sidebar of links of friends/inspiration. so you won't forget about us:)

owl collage

Lies and I have been busy crafters and have FINALLY updated the etsy. She has her lovely tunics from the last post for sale there. And I am trying something new.

I have these two works for sale. They are not cards, they are special bigger collages mounted on the backs of children's books. I think they might look great in some child's bedroom, or in a crafter's studio, or maybe in the kitchen. I also have some prints from my 'perfect day' collages for sale. I'd be really interested in feedback because I have never tried to sell artwork as 'artwork' before. It's always been disguised as something more functional (like cards), but will people like it enough just to have it around? even if it doesn't 'do' anything except look nice? time will tell.

flock to new life
*update: SOLD thanks!


Robots in Space: one of four

Also in the store are new card sets. I am only showing one card from each set because there are too many to post ALL of them. but if you want to see them all, you know where to find them...
here, here, and here.

What trees look like : one of four

Oh Lassie: one of four
*update: SOLD, thanks

I have been very inspired (I use that word too much here) by the new stash of books I got last week. I went to this out of the way, hard to find, secret place run by a 92 year old woman who hasn't done a tidy in the 40 years the shop has been open. And in a little corner of this elusive shop was a hidden box full of vintage and retro $1 books. I got many treasures from the 60's and 70's, a few from the 50's and one from 1949 (Little Dutch Girls). Be still my heart.

Unlike most people, I cut up my treasures.

*update, both SOLD, thanks
These final cards I am just posting for look seeies as they are going to the markets. These and everything else I have shown off today have come from the secret shop, so thanks 92 year old collector!

okay all for now. take care everyone and it was great to hear from all of you about the ALMIGHTY craftwerk post. I was happy to show you around.



Melissa said...

i'm so impressed that you and your husband have your own design business together. after this, i am off to have a look at it. congratulations and all the best with it!
i love your new collages. all your work is so great- interesting, colourful, nostalgic but modern. i think the pieces you did on the back of children's books would be so great propped up on a child's bookshelf for display.

Victoria said...

The site looks great and is so interesting, plus your future kids will love looking through the archives one day, I think it's very romantic too!!