Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Projects projects!

Last weekend Kimberlee and I spent a few very sweet hours at Charlotte's 'lounge sale' (can't very well call it a garage sale, it was just toooo good). We were seated comfily in her light and large living room, and whilst slurping tea and nibbling cake, cuddling little Astrid and MOSTLY chatting away (poor Kevin) we were shown the loads of fabric and craftbooks she had put aside for us to have first pick out of- as she herself is moving back to London in a while. There and then I started feeling quite light in the head (fabric addiction having A LARGE FIX) and I'm still levitated now I think...Look what I got from that golden-Charlotte-spread :

Liberty leaves in green/purples and brown/reds to combine
with some raspberry and blueberry softcord from my own
stash and to become winter little girl skirts

Liberty baby cord in geometric shapes for a skirt for myself (I think)

Liberty trees : my very favorite of the bunch DEFINITELY to be a dress for myself, in fact I now have the perfect pattern for such a dress, because Charlotte even let me have her 'Robe rouge' Japanese sewing book (on the left of the fabric)

Just thought I'd show you these : antique tiles make perfect fabric-weights when cutting

I haven't been lazying about while poor Kimberlee slaved away on the mammoth-Craftwerk-post (if you hadn't checked it out yet, please scroll down!). I've been chained to my Singer-sewingmachine (ok ok, I do enjoy it) and came up with some fresh tops for little people (I'll add them to the Etsy store later today) :

Rose and steel Echino perch bird tops

with Japanese abstract rims/backs

for girls from 2 to 3yrs old

Kaftan tunics in vintage prints for babies in between 1 and 2 yrs

And don't you remember what fun it was to jump up and down on the couch?

-X from Lies


ashley rose helvey said...

Lies! those fabrics are so great! Wow! I especially love the geometric cord and the liberty tree print! so nice! and also adore your kids clothes as usual. as i am making this line of felted children's clothes i am trying my best to figure out sizes. they are so confusing!

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Ah - the fabric! Jealous. Extreeeeemely jealous.

Love the new creations Lies. And Lieveke is still the perfect model. Truly gorgy. xox

kimberlee said...

what fabulous new tops!!! I love them and they are great for Autum.

I am sure you will much fun with the new fabric from charlotte, lots of goodness there.

Been collaging all day so I will have loads to show off soon. going to update the shop with new card packs.

apexemb said...

nice clothes and great pictures

Charlotte said...

oh it's just not fair - I want to buy ALL of your little clothes :)

and good for you to make things for yourself. I got my copy of robe rouge today, but it's damaged, so back it goes...

Victoria said...

Your model is getter cuter by the week. I love that dress with the red and blue.

Melissa said...

arrgghh! those liberty fabrics are truly gorgeous. you'll have such fun with them! i can't wait to see the liberty tree dress.
and you've been so busy with your singer sewing machine! the new tops are beautiful xxx

Cakies said...

Ooo... love the tunic in black! Such a retro feel. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Come visit again... it is nice to meet you!