Sunday, 17 February 2008

New things

First, a few 'old' new things, in our house :

The leopard chair!
- a spiffing gift from Gabe's brother
who's moved back overseas to England
and knew I had a soft spot for it!

Thrifted cutesey cups!

Deco-ish found table-lamp in lovely blue, hmmm bit of a dud photo

Now onto just a little selection of new things I made for yesterday's Craftwerk-fair (Kimberlee took loads of photo's - so I'm sure there's a whole post on the fair to come!). Most of these sold, yay!

Simple large tote-bags in fun fabrics


Still fresh (so counts as new thing eh) this little funky top I made for Lieveke. She calls the big buttons on the back 'my bicky-buttons' and yes she did at first try to eat them...

Also, lets add a few new names to the inspiration-list :
-last week these ladies had beautiful textile-pattern inspiration :
O (Lena Corwin)
-top 'I've nothing to wear'-inspiration with these girls :
Bits and Bobbins
Only shallow
-and last but definitely sweetest: I would like to get this goooorgeous lavender dream dress for Lieveke, but it's for a five year old sigh

Muu muu dress at Fifthavenuesouth's Etsy shop

Have a happy week!


Louise said...

What lovely colourful photos! I love the fabric you chose for the tote bags.

Melissa said...

glad you had fun at craftwerk! those tote bags are fantastic. so colourful and bright. and i'm jealous of your deco-ish lamp, too- so stylish!

ashley rose helvey said...

yes! i love all your designs! very cute!

Anonymous said...

Your cups and lamp are sweet! I love the glass shade.
Delicious bags and hats and the cute dress.....

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Cute stuff!!