Tuesday, 8 April 2008


Daylight savings has ended, its dark at 6:30 pm now, so its officially Autumn in New Zealand. I always liked this time of year when I was growing up in minnesota because it meant school was starting again, the leaves were turning electric colours, and the canadian geese were returning to their winter post after migrating south from canada, honking over head as they flew in those amazing Vs.

The season aren't as dramatic here in the South Pacific. Though officially the start of winter, spring, summer, and fall is marked on our calendars, I only notice subtle shifts from warm & windy, to chilly & wet.

I'd like to pretend that this yellowing leaf from my garden is dramatically changing with the season, but really its just mildly sick or something. Very few of our plants are seasonal so everything stays quite green here, even over winter.

8x8 inches
on etsy

I don't mean to criticize nature, I just miss the seasons sometimes. Without really realizing it, I was missing Minnesota last week when I made this collage. It definitely has an Autumn feel, but see all those squirrels? yeah, we don't have them in this country.

Here is Minnesota showing off. My bother Joel took this photograph after a recent spring storm. I am going in may but I think all the spring storms will be over by then.

and in the studio.......

I have been drawing Pandas for a band poster.

all put together

It's my husband band (I have done all their illustration thus far, its a steady gig :)... want to hear what they sound like? check them out here.

Speaking of steady gigs, I just spoke with the NZ wedding magazine and I have agreed to work as the illustrator of the etiquette column for the next 4 issues. three cheers for verbal contracts. !!!

all for now,


showyourworkings said...

The panda came out really well :). Great news about the bridal mag!

Charlotte said...

good news all round.
ah, there are some seasons to be had here. just gotta look :) but yeah, minnesota wins hands down !

fine little day said...

The poster turned out well. They look nice laying there together on the floor as well.

Fiona said...

Hooray! Good news there.. :)
I like looking at how different each panda look on the floor.

Lynn said...

MN and CO miss you too. Love the pandas - their faces are telling a story. My talented children - love it!! Such good news about the wedding mag.

Kirsten said...

Your blog made me feel very nostalgic for the seasons too! But yes they are available in New Zealand but just not up here!!
Down south right now I am missing crunching through beautiful autumn leaves and then heading into winter to crack ice puddles and watch the snow fall.
So yes you don't need the US for the seasons! You just don't get them in Auckland!
So sad - I am so homesick right now

Mrs.French said...

We moved to Portland from Minnesota 3 years ago. I miss it too sometimes. Especially in the fall. Oregon is a lot more similar to MN than New Zealand but still not as fall-erific (oh that is such a great word).

disa said...

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