Tuesday, 22 April 2008

eat mostly plants

sorry for the bad lighting etc, this produce is really quite beautiful in real life.

Fall harvest. This colourful bounty arrived last Thursday like clockwork from the wonderful box fresh 'home of organic delivery'. I really recommend their service to all you Aucklander's out there.

This is really all I have to show for last week because there was a lot going on. Without going into all the traumatic details, my dad has been quite sick. We found out the persistent migraine he was experiencing over the last few weeks was actually more than just a migraine. The MRI shows he had a series of strokes. This news shocked me so. He is only 57!

The good thing is he has almost zero residual effects from his strokes aside from some impaired vision in one of his eyes, but that is already on the mend. He is on a few different meds now and is feeling much better, thank GOODNESS.

Yes it is very hard being so far away from my family at times like this. But the many phone calls from my parents, siblings, and friends have been an almost adequate substitute. In a strange way, it has been a good time for catching up, laughing, and remember what you've got- between all the talk of blood pressure, neurologists, and C.T. scans of course.

18 days until I go home for a visit. Timing eh? I had no idea how much I was going to need this visit when I booked my trip.

Anyway, this should explain my absence from blogland. I am looking forward to catching up on all your blogs.



Mrs.French said...

We have been in talks regarding yummy fruits and veggie delivery. I think we are going to do it.

I am so sorry about your dad. My dad is 62 and not in the best of shape, so I am starting to fear for his health.

petal said...

Sorry to hear about your dad. I hope you enjoy your trip back, definitely good timing.

Kirsten said...

Really sad to hear about your Dad - I can totally imagine how hard it must be when you are on the other side of the world. So pleased you have your trip all booked to spend some quality family time.
Take care sweet girl
Love Kirsten

Becky said...


Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants!


Kat said...

The fruit and vege look yummy!
Sorry to hear about your dad. I really feel for anyone going through/having family/friends going through stroke recovery. My grandma had a massive stroke at the end of last year and she isn't okay :(
So glad to hear that your dad is.

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Yummmmmmmmmm feijoas.

And sorry about your Dad! Really glad to hear he is the resilient type and is getting better. I'm sure your visit will do heaps for his progress as well. Nothing like daughter love!


Gypsy said...

Sounds like a stresful time for you all. I love the box fresh, will definately give that a try! They look amazing

lilysmakebelieve said...

I never knew of box fresh. genius! I'm so sorry to hear about you father too, on the topic of the loving creatures (dads that is) you should go to see Jason Cook's comedy at the Classic this week if you can make it. His set is largely about his father and fathers in general and how bloody fantastic they are. Fly safe!

Lynn said...

So many lovely things to see, and hear about on these last posts. Can almost taste the lovely things from the fruit and veggie box. We are here, waiting for you to come - can't wait dearest daughter. Counting the days as well.