Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Just think Dino having fruit bath

It's moody, rainy and a wee bit glum these days. Perhaps my whole post (which I'd been working on for the last hour and a half) dissappearing just now makes me feel so... Let's try again, sigh.

I guess we had the rainy weather coming. Makes nice reading athmosphere though. I've been enjoying 'To kill a mockingbird', wow what a warmly humorous whopper. This is what my 1974 copy says on the writer : 'Harper Lee was born at Monroeville, Alabama, in 1926 and attended the local public school and the University of Alabama. Before she started writing she worked in the reservations department of an international airline. Her chief interests apart from writing are golf, music, criminolgy, and collecting memoirs of nineteenth century clergy-men. She lives in New York.' ... Pretty concise blurb I reckon, but so weird and wonderful.

A few thrifted things :
Bunch of vases
Green one tall and 30's-ish -gift from Gabe
Pink and gold one, saved from a clear out at Gabriel's parents
Clear one, found by some rubbish on the street

Favorite teapot and fitted cosey
from curiosa market

I have this weakness for bulby glasses
dropped and broke a little one the other day
found some large attractive black ones at the hospice a little later
it all felt better

wanted a table-'installation' for pictures too.
Dino in fruit-bath.

Some stunning blogs have inspired me this week :

Maditi likes : a rare collection of stunning other-peoples-photography

Manteli : poetic adventures in a newfound magic house (thank u Fine little day for the link)

Smosch : remarkable! in Sweden! (I loved the reportage on Berlin, quite a while ago. oh Berlin, I always miss ya.)

We've been having feijoa-times people. The feijoa is a small green fruit with a soft white inside that tastes somewhat like sweet lime with passionfruit or so... Yu -hum.
Place the inside of 4 F's in a bowl with vanilla-ice-cream and sprinkle sherry on top.
More things to do with Feijoa's :

Oh no you can't really pour tea on them

Ok let's sort them : here are some green ones and here are some... green ones

Thought we'd never get there.

I promised you a new thing, time to deliver then.
I designed and have sewn a top that had been lingering in my creative day dream drawer for a long time. I'm all excited about it cause I think it's good enough to put it up in the old Etsy shop... It will be my first adult garment! Especially constructing the deconstructed color-triangles into a square that looks like a trapezium was mega fun (Yes! I get carried away a fair bit in my artistic musings and yes perhaps some Russian avant-gardists planted a seed in the old thinking pot). I'll pop it into our shop later this week, when the -I hope sunnier- day-light allows me to take slightly better photo's. But have a sneak peek go on :

Ahhh, I made it, another hour later, and nothing's vanishing now. Uhhh quickly push that publish button. There. I used the magic spell (see title of post).
It helps it does.
-X Lies


Melissa said...

can i use thoughts of dino having his fruit-bath whenever i press 'publish' on my blog, too? lies, this is a lovley post- i'm glad you and little l are enjoying feijoa-season (oh, i miss them!) and even have a yummy new way to eat them (never tried that one.)
i'm a big fan of your new top- you look gorgeous- and i love those triangles.

Anonymous said...

I thought you were pregnant when i read the previous post (working on something new and a BIG surprise !) so its actually a bit disapointing but ok, its nice.

kimberlee said...

oh what a lovely post. look at you beautiful girls in your homemade gear. so lovely and bright.

the roofers are drilling outside my window. it's been 2 months now and they are still not finished. IS it okay to start chucking things at them from my balcony? probably not. but I can dream.

to kill a mockingbird remains one of my favourite books, and Harper Lee is such wonderful mystery that I want to name one of my children after her. rumour has it that she is writing again. she only wrote one book then totally disappeared off the literary radar. gotta love that.

ps i would love to experience a real fruit bath.

Diana said...

Love the tea cover!

Victoria said...

I love the photo with the teapot & spectacular cosy, bubly glasses & orange mug. Very excited that you are venturing into making adult clothes for your shop!

Mrs.French said...

Wonderful post. I love the adult shirt you designed so modern and feminine at the same time. I am so curious about this feijoa fruit you speak of...

lilysmakebelieve said...

Hello ladies!
I have also read to kill a mocking bird and never once thought that Harper Lee was a woman. Thank you for opening my eyes!