Thursday, 10 April 2008

Here again.

First : some overdue birthday snap-shots. 't Was grand.
Thank you everyone for your kind whishes, dankje!

Our tree-tomato-tree with red balloons

The BIG cake

Birthday pixie with funky mushroom hugging a tree, of course.

From Oma and Vake in Belgium (xxx) : a lego farm. Splendid.

So hey, it's Lies. I had some time away from blog. There was, perhaps, some post-party-worn-out-tired-blues, a sudden missing of family overseas, a nasty cough and an even nastier headache, but most definitely a needed break from the 'puter'. Heh. Better now.

And well here I am again. And see, I made two new little girl dresses - I've come to call them 'panther-frocks'. They turned out, so happy and bright, but most of all, so different from anything else. Fun.

Here the model emphasises 'Fun' for the viewer.

If you like, check the funky panther frocks out some more in our little store.

Our evenings are getting chillier now -though we're still having stunning sunny clear days (I see where Kimberlee gets melancholic - I too am not yet accustomed with such lavish and soft autumn days - but oh keep it coming!) At night we all cuddle up cosily on the couch. Gabe and Lievie read books and play caves (and cave-lego-farm) under the crochet blankeys and I do a bit of knitting. I've started this scarf with a wavy lace motif, gosh rather intricate knitting-work and it goes so slowly slowly... But it's kinda great (keeps me on my toes I guess) making something more complicated.

AND I am working on something all together new, it's sooo exciting. Soon! Soon!
Have a very happy weekend.


Bird Bath said...

Hi, just started enjoying your - so much to admire: balloon tree, panther dresses, and the scarf is soooo lovely.

Anonymous said...

she looks so big (as in tall) !!
heb je mn emailtje gehad ?

Mrs.French said...

I love you you hung the balloons from the trees. Your dresses make me want to have a girl. Sorry you are missing your family.

Victoria said...

Let me gaurantee that the lego farm will be used for MANY MANY years to come. My kids are obessessed with that big lego, even the ten year old! I have finally realised it is worth way more than the cost. We are getting a very mild autumn here, it's still like summer on some days, it's very strange.

Melissa said...

happy weekend, lies!
thank you for sharing the photos of your little tree. she's beautiful. happy birthday, little girl!
your panther dresses are fantastic- off to check them out better now..

Charlotte said...

man that knitting is certainly very impressive! that emily's been doing it for you hasn't she!!!!hahah

yummy yummy little dress and I can't wait to hear this exciting news!!! can't wait can't wait!!!

Fiona said...

love the part of red balloons hanging on the -tomato- tree.. :)

fine little day said...

The balloon tree is beautiful, and so the hugging a tree pic :)

Kimberley said...

She's getting so big! And those cute wee curls ... I'm v impressed by your knitting, as someone who freezes with panic at the idea of doing anything other than purl, I salute you! K xx

Diana said...

wow...that is some skilled knitting!

Anonymous said...

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