Wednesday, 9 April 2008

warning: photographs in post may induce hunger

It's nice to hear that I am indeed wrong and that New Zealand does have dramatic seasonal changes, they just don't happen in Auckland, where i live. Maybe next this time year I will have to plan a trip to the South Island to get my dose of changing leaves. thanks guys :)

So I guess it is no secret that I was feeling nostalgic yesterday. Further proof; I gave in and made pie.
Not just any pie, but festive pumpkin pie. We always ate this after Thanksgiving dinner and it remains my one of my favorites because of it's rich, spiced taste. If anyone would like the recipe, it's all up here (tapping temple with forefinger). Just ask and I will email it to you.

Some of you may think the above photo reminds you of the lemon meringue pie incident? In my defense, we had help this time. so no we did not eat the whole thing by ourselves in less than 24 hours..... like last time (see below).

I have been bored with cooking lately so I basically haven't done much of it. Normally I love putting healthy fresh and (hopefully) delicious things on the table but illustration has taken priority over domestic responsibilities and I am okay with that. Also there's something totally freeing in saying, "stuff it, lets just have grilled cheese again"

My last major food project was these homemade chocolates which I made for an art opening Luke organised a few weeks ago. I've been meaning to show off this family recipe here but its been a little off topic until now.

Again this is a very American recipe as it combines chocolate and peanut butter. And if you don't think that's a match made in heaven, come over and have one of these.

Recently I have been discovering some pretty great blogs so I wanted to introduce our newest blog friends and finds.

Mrs. French who is teaching me to heart mondays

Elsie Marley who has made an amazing house mobile

Armas designs who is a designer planning her own wedding

domestically blissed who is has some great ideas about education and childrearing

and my final link is for those of you who live in new zealand and would like NOT to be marketed to, thankyouverymuch.
Go here to be added to the "don't call me" list.

I hope you all had a better sleep last night than I did. Someone needs to remind my neighbor that he lives in a society with other people who might like to sleep between 2 and 4 am.

I'm off to attempt a nap!


Kirsten said...

Oh my goodness those chocolates look amazing!!! Peanut butter and chocolate sounds like the best of America!
Mouth is so watering!
Off to check out those other blogs you listed!

petal said...

Those chocolates look yummy! Hope your neighbour behaves himself tonight so you can get some sleep.

Victoria said...

Chocolate and peanut butter sounds perfect. Great new about the illustration job I expect you to post the pics when they come out!
Hope you get some sleep too.

Louise said...

You were right - I'm hungry now! Off to have breakfast.

P.S. thanks for the "do not call me" marketing link. I need to be on that list. They always call when I'm cooking dinner!

Suzan said...

I'm dying for chocolate and peanut butter for some reason right now.

Mrs.French said...

Yummy!!!!! If I could just borrow your for a day and you could bake and bake at my house. I am bad at it. Thanks for linking to my blog I am going to put your awesome blog on my blogroll...unless I get a frantic email telling me not to. :)

R.W.S. said...

Wow that warning wasn't for nothing! I'm making cake earrings today, which doesn't help either...
I love pumpkin pie but my family always forgets to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving so my mum never makes it anymore. Please may I have your recipe? (and for the pb chocolates too, if that's not a national secret)

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Holy crap those chocolates look good. I heartily declare that my favourite thing to come from America (apart from you, of course dear Kimberlee) is the combination of peanut butter and chocolate that is Reese's peanut butter cups.
I have to say though, yours look like they'd be better.

I haven't yet tried pumpkin pie though... hrmmmm...

A Sleepless Night (Standing) said...

Thank you dearest Kimberlee for sharing your yummy baking treats with me! I loved the pie soooooo much. X
p.s. Your blog is looking very beautiful at the moment - Lies and yourself do such wonderful posts!

Charlotte said...

oh hey - you MUST go to the domain and kick through all the autumn leaves. And look for acorns. Best autumn fun in Auckland.

amy said...

kimberlee! nooo!! i can't believe you've never had chocolate ripple :o it's the easiest cake ever + super yummy!! just buy a packet of arnott's chocolate ripple biscuits and sandwhich them with a layer of whipped cream between each. then cover the whole thing in whipped cream and pop in the fridge for 6ish hours so it gets all mushy and yummy. im addicted :)

Amy said...

I LOVE pumpkin pie. It's the only way I can get my pumpkin loathing Husband to eat the stuff.

In the garden with Petey said...

Pumpkin pie, lemon meringue pie AND chocolate peanut butter balls...ALL IN ONE POST? Un. Fair.

Now I am all kinds of hungry.

Can I just ask from whence came the pumpkin for the pie - was it canned Libby's or real pumpkin? I bought canned for last Thanksgiving here in Australia and it cost SEVEN DOLLARS and TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. A CAN. Sheesh. Thus, I am wondering if you made it with real pumpkin and if so how it turned out.

I love your blog! *mwah*