Friday, 4 April 2008

does somebody want to buy me a present? (eh ehm, luke?)

When it comes to jewelry, I am not that into it. I like wearing classic things so I never have to take them off (changing jewelry every day feels tedious). The usual suspects: my tiny silver bracelet watch, my pear earrings, and the 'i love you forever' rings from my husband.

But then this etsy seller tricked me into falling in love with all of her pretty charms and trinkets. chainchainchained, how did you do it?

the only question that remains: how many can I buy? octopus around my neck, I'll take! cicada on my wrist? yes please!

charms so over four years ago? this should prove you wrong! even you fashion slaves can't disagree. (though I don't think any fashion slaves read this blog, so lets all be smug together... we don't do trends)

yes I will take you all! especially the leaf themed ones. we like trees around here in case you haven't noticed.

and just to show that I do more than online shopping; here is what is happening over in the studio...
oh deer!
is mounted on the back of golden book cover
and is 5x6 inches.

exploring the animal kingdom
is mounted on the back of a golden book cover
and is 6x5 inches

read to your young
is mounted on the back of a golden book cover
and is 6x8 inches

I have the markets tomorrow. and it looks as though I may be entertaining my brother and sister in law this afternoon, they are the best kids (12 and 14) so I am the lucky one. Oh the joys of marrying into a big family, I now have 5 brothers and 2 sisters! never a dull moment.

have a good weekend everyone!


Rhondah Rhombus said...

Hey Kimberlee,
Have fun at the market tomorrow, unfort i won't be there. Have to photograph a wedding. I really love that collage of the giraffe reading. I want to buy a print.
Only problem I have actually run out of wall space in my room, so until I get my own house I can't put it up. But soon! Very soon I may have my own music studio so it may go up there..

I figure I never make any money at te-tuhi anyway, because if I do sell anything I spend the money on other crafty good things. However, I am thinking about selling crepes.. got my eye on an italian machine thing. Crepes and t-shirts.. cinnamon sprinkled coathanger AFL logos.. probably make more money (and the te tuhi cafe sux..).. i'll be at craftwerk anywho.. see you. sorry for the novel! ~R

R.W.S. said...


That octopus is beautiful, I want it! Their giant bee necklace looks awesome too.
Funny - I'm making leaf earrings at the moment, there'll be pics up eventually...
I like your collages. They're all nice but I think I like the lil squirrel the best.


Mrs.French said...

lovely jewlry picks. my favorites are the leaf pieces.

Mamma og mer said...

Dear Kimberlee,

I LOVE your collage "read to your young"! It evokes the experience of imagination and the act of "making the world strange" when reading. I hope you don't mind that I borrowed the image for a blog post on children's books. I have credited you of course and linked to this website. If you do mind, let me know, and I will remove the image immediately.

Best regards,