Thursday, 24 April 2008

I blew all my pocket money on.....

TIGHTS & MAGAZINES (but it was the right choice).

LULA: a random fashion magazine I found that is put together by women from a few places around the world. CURVY features upcoming female illustrators and designers, this publication comes out of Australia's and is connected to YEN magazine. which I had never heard of before.

lets have a look at LULA first.....
I love this typography, simple yet so whimsical with the images set behind it.
It's featured throughout.

artwork by Louise Robinson

now onto CURVY:

this artist works on wood

mail for arms!

this one is my favourite
by maureen gubia of Ecuador

I haven't the time to go through and credit them all, artist can be found in CURVY though. Just let me know if you want to find out more about an artist.


adie loves polly.... 'my name is adie, i love my polaroid. her name is polly. i am four.'

werkhaus: yeah that's us. see my self portrait and play luke's new game

elsie marley's nursery at apartment therapy: "…stop looking in the baby section. Look anywhere but there, really. Kids don't necessarily need childish things...."



danica said...

Nice blog :) I love Lula magazine and I'm going to have to check out the latest issue of Curvey after seeing the images you posted.

Rhondah Rhombus said...

nice legs, smurfette. I recently blew my pocket money on stripey grey and pink tights too. I like the look of those mags. good inspiration.

Mrs.French said...

Simply wonderful magazine finds and the tights...totally worth it!

Jo said...

How super fab. Thanks so for sharing.

Emma said...

Kimberlee, your tights are fantastic! X

tash* said...

oooohh i saw Lula being clutched to the bosom of design student at the bus stop the other day, and then saw it in Magnetix. It is GORGEOUS! my current finances don't quite stretch that far so jealous!
Yen is a great magazine, as is frankie - do you buy that?
Love the tights too :)

Lynn said...

Wohee - bring those blue legs to the USA!!! They are the best. 14 days...............

Victoria said...

Ah those magazine pictures are just magic.