Monday, 4 August 2008

Works of craft...

Yes friends, good times are ahead :

If you happen to be in the hood, don't miss! I'm busily crafting (like Kimberlee), to get things ready. Here is a preview of new girly skirts (a little batch might even end up in the Etsy, shhh). I used some sweet Olympus bubbles with an Echino rim. The fun new Echino fabric gives the skirts a patchwork look. And Lieveke was happy to model! In the first photo she wears a 'Liberty -red pepper'-top that was my second ever sewing project. The fabric is one of my all time favorites, so funky and different. I didn't have a sewing machine back then (didn't even know how to work one even!) and so I handstitched the whole thing. It took for ever, but this 'nice-'n-slow-method' did teach me a thing or two about piecing together a garment. Lievie has been wearing it for a good 2 years now (!). Well worth a few handstitches eh.

Showing at the OUI wall, now for the last week, an amazing collection of fantastic tea-cozies! The few times when I was doing a shift in the shop this month, certain people actually dashed in and plonked this or that cozy on their kids heads, thinking oh cute and warm! Ha ha I know they do look so appealing. The cozies are definitely cozies and not for sale, some of them are very very old (two from the 1930's - that is ancient in NZ!).

And as for the last 'work of craft', I'm proud to say that I got the formidable overlocker on the go (wheehee) and made two cross-over merino dresses for Lieveke. Yes. I am dead proud. Merino knit, dear people. The stuff I thought I'd never be able to handle, let alone sew with. Merino. And the dresses fit. And don't fall appart. Gah!

Hey -I think tomorrow the talented and versatile Joshi -Kimberlee's sweet little dog, is going to draw names from his little hat for Kimberlee's fab paper dolls. I've been training Josh all week ('no hon draw, not lick, no not munch, nooo....'). If ya still wanna be in, quickly comment, do! (And thanks for commenting all ye others!)

And have a gentle start of the week.


R.W.S. said...

The cosies are so cute - I like all the owls. And congrats on the overlocker victory! The new dresses look really great.

charlotte said...

hee hee love the dresses you overlocker lady you!!! woohoo!!!! and the wabbits are oh so cute. that's great to see the curtain being put to such excellent use - and it's gone so far! fabbo girlies xoxoxox

kimberlee said...

oh sweet lieve :)

I love that yellow one! I haven't seen it yet.

hooray craftwerk, I like this flier too!

kimberlee said...

and oh those tea cosies! I must see them in life!

Victoria said...

When I looked at those photos of the tea cosies I was so touched that tears came to my eyes, of joy or something, I'm not even joking!!
I immediately made the middle tea cosy my computer desktop picture. Very much enjoyed the story of how you sewed that first piece of clothing by hand, no wonder it's lasted so well. It's so cool to see your kid's fashion creations going from strength to strength.