Thursday, 1 March 2007

Gettin' knitty wit it

BAM!! I finished my knitting project!!!!!

This is the first ever wearable thing I have knitted for myself (not including scarves). I finished it this morning and just *had* to post about it even though I have already posted today. I followed a pattern from Loop-de-Loop and this is the one armed tunic. Since that is a boring name, I call it 'Amazon Warrior in slate blue.' :)

I suppose I have started a tradition of collaging pictures (like above) in photo shop when I finish a project that is just for me. I did the same with the mini dress I made last month so will carry on with this because it makes 'unveiling' more fun. and I used to be camera shy. pshaw!


1 comment:

lynn mulder said...

what a lovely, (inside and out), slim, formerly camera-shy model, wearing her own creation, no less. Her mother must be so proud :-) (why does they camera-shy thing go away after she has moved to NZ?!?)