Saturday, 17 March 2007


Another fair for us today, this time Craftwerk was in the world traveling Spiegle Tent. Lies and I are both pretty exhausted from a busy prep week (also I had a major assignment due and submitted an illustration for a book this week as well so I have been working from sun up until way past sun down for 7 days straight, eek!) and poor Lies has been sick so I am afraid we were both run ragged by the timecraftwerk started. It ran for 3 hours and was overall a pretty amazing afternoon jam packed with people. In fact, many people had to wait outside in queue until there was enough room for more people to come in... like some hot night club:)

Tomorrow is VERY SPECIAL day for both of us as our good friends Hana and Jake are getting married! So we will be heading out to Piha, a west coast beach, for ceremony and a very big party afterwards. Bring it!

all for now xoxxox