Thursday, 22 March 2007

Good bye Lies !

Oh Lies I will miss you too! Thanks for the kind words!

For some reason the photos that Lies put with her last post have disappeared and I can't restore them because she posts from a different computer. and she can't restore them because she is away in Belgium. I know she had been having trouble posting photos last week so I am sure the problem is related. So for all you who missed the pictures of the colourful kerchief/small neck scarf she knitted, I am sorry you missed out on some eye candy there. It really is something to see.

Anyway it I just finished my special order ipod nano covers last night so I will be mailing those today. I think I will put my ipod order form online to see if there are any interested people (nz only because of overseas money/bank account complications). At the last craftwerk it was wonderful to meet repeat customers who had decided to get another cover for a change, you know two different 'outfits' for their ipod :).

I just thought I would end with some illustration work, and a work in progress so you can understand why there have been huge gaps between my posts lately. This is my life outside of crafting, or part of it anyway :) (I did the owl above as well)

click to enlarge... this is meant to be seen as a double page spread

a sketch for a project I am currently working on

one of 4 posters I made fora band then 'poster bombed' around Auckland... good times and a major adrenaline rush!!!!!!!!


Helen said...

Wow - you are very talented! I love the sketch of the wee girl.

Did you do the owl, too?

I have an package in assemblage stage to send you - just wanna put one more thing in there...soon, I promise!

x Helen

Kimberlee + Lies said...

Thanks Helen,
I sent a little something your way today too :)
yeah I did the owl a year or so ago and it has been floating around my desk area ever since. I finally scanned and saved it today so i thought I would share:)

melissa said...

gosh, you are uber talented. I love your illustration work- do you make your living this way? I love the owl best of all.
Good bye to Lies! Hope she has a great time with friends and family.

kates said...

awesome illustration work. I love the owl - it's oh so cute. Don't worry you'll get to meet me at the next craftwerk, I will probably have a stall :) I'm thiking of going to one in Wellington at some stage too.

Fiona said...

arr~ I like the pirate, gals with parachutes & of cos, the owl!! Multi-talented, you are! :-)

VictoriaE said...

Oh wow, I love the drawings, especially the girl.
People getting outfits changes for their ipod - awesome!!!

pinkflowerbuttons said...

I love the owl in the tree finely drawn.