Thursday, 1 March 2007

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Well Lies said it all about our recent market adventure so I just thought I would add a few photos of our set up. This chalk board belonged to Gabriel, Lies' partner, when he was a child. I loved incorporating it into our set up not just because I like the aesthetic, but it partially represents what we are trying to do. We want to put forward use able goods that are playful and fun in both design and function. We create these goods using old methods of hand made craft because we see value in preserving old traditions. At the same time we endeavour to be relevant to today's culture by blending vintage and modern materials, designs, and concepts. I am thinking of writing up a mission statement/manifesto for our next fair, nothing too serious. Something like:

Tired of world where everything is spit out by machines? sick of mass production and homogenization? Wish everything would just slow down a little? THEN SUPPORT CRAFT! where each item is an original, designed and produced in fair conditions by the person standing in front of you(HI!).

And here is Lies, (standing right in front of you in square radiation) at our stall set up. Lucky us, we got two tables!

a side shot of our stall

My friend Rachel has a stall called Penelope Sugar and we were lucky enough to be situated along side each other. Rachel just launched her jewelry label this year and is now working out the best way to sell her product. There is a lot of variety here and I wish I had a better photo so you could see the different mediums and materials she uses. She does bead work, wire work, crochet and uses felt, vintage buttons, stones, and even nylon stockings! She will be at the Auckland's next Craftwerk (march 17Th, 1-4 pm at Britomart) so be sure to check her out!

have a lovely day. Will I be seeing any of you on K' road this Saturday at 3? It's the take back k'road festival and Lies and I will selling. To market we go!
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melissa said...

oh, how i wish i could have come shopping at your stalls. everything looks beautiful!
Your i-pod covers make me want to buy an i-pod, so I can dress it in one of those!

fiona said...

the chalkboard+chair really livened up the stall. The mission statement sounds good. I wish I was there! I'd have bought the iPod cover too! and the cards! and the journals! maybe even the sunhat & skirt even though I have no use for them yet! :-)