Friday, 2 March 2007

Knittin` getty IT with!!!

WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT? Kimberlee and I are back to our telepathic predestined design preferences! I knitted the SAME tunic a couple of months ago!!! Mine turned out a bit different because I choose to knit it with a black raw silk yarn (I fell in love with it AND it was on sale!). Because I wasn`t faithful to the suggested gauge of the pattern, my tunic is rather stretchy and netty. I have to pin the sleeveless side with a brooch to my T-shirt. But the result is pretty sexy, je pense, and I do wear it a lot!
It`s all knitting for me at the mo, by way of a break from the sewing you see? I know – compulsive crafting disease… I have the feeling that the sock-tutorial our friend Emily gave us last Saturday, has unleashed some wild knitting desire! Have a look at my embryonic sock. And my basket : plenty of beautiful yarn and projects to finish. I`m currently experimenting on a kerchief, will post the result later! -L

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Helen said...

You two are both adorable - and so is your knitting.

x Helen