Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Soul kerchief

I have finished a knitting project : the kerchief. I started knitting with a blue-green soft mohair yarn but soon ran out of that. So I decided that this scarf would be made of all my left-over yarns and I sometimes used two sorts of yarn at the same time. I got inspired by something a very nice girl showed us when we were having a stall day. She said 'look, this is very nice and not too diff, maybe you girls could give it a go'. Indeed I gave it a go, in a moss-stitch as that stitch lends itself best for long strappy type garments. The kerchief will come in cosy-warm and handy as tomorrow I`m off to see my family and friends in winter-springy Belgium. My best friend Sarah just texted me that it`s snowing over there. And this kerchief wouldn`t be one of my creations if it hadn`t at least another way to wear (cfr. reversable stuff) : it can also be worn as a headband.

As I leave tomorrow and will be away for a small month, I feel quiet and thankful. I have a beautiful life here in Auckland. I have my very own amazing family. I have many and interesting friends. Kimberlee is one of them, she is not only a creative soul but also a very loving spirit. It`s great to do all this crafting with her, we really have wonderful experiences like making and inventing things, tending stalls. blogging, feasting (sweet Hana and Jake, husband and wife now XXXX), chatting. It gives us a small window to do our own little but different thing and we feel very satisfied in this expression. Thanks K-darling. Here are some more photo`s that picture the warm feeling you produce in my heart, I`ll miss you :

See you soooooooon


Kate Shuttleworth said...

Have a wonderful time, I look forward to meeting you when you get back ;)

pinkflowerbuttons said...

Wow I love that beautiful bright colorful picture of the flowers and butterfly.