Saturday, 17 March 2007

New Friends

Here are some new friends I have made who have come over for Hana and Jake's wedding. Above is Jeanine who is on hiatus from the traveling 'cyclown circus'. She is playing her bassoonie but I will tell you more about her and her adventures in the circus later, so more to come later including special pictures from her amazing,beautiful CIRCUS BOOK.

Sondra and Danielle are over from Norway. Danielle makes these amazing Zines so read more about that here.

Hana (in pink), the bride to be, is looking pretty relaxed in this photo. You should see her now though, her wedding is tomorrow and since she and Jake are very DYI about it, there is much to do and many details to handle. Taylor (in yellow) are visiting from Korea where she and her partner have been teaching English for the past 6 months. Check out her awesome glasses- jazzy eh!?

Here is my dog yoshi getting all the attention and loving it!

enjoy your weekend everyone!


jessica said...

Wow! Lovely pictures. The bride sure looks pretty. Good luck and congratulations to her. Glad to know you made such wonderful new friends.
Check out my blog on friendship Wishes for a collection of lovely e-cards and info that exemplify the bond of friendship.

Fiona said...

Hey, looks like you & Yoshi have had a great time! :-)

melissa said...

what cute friends you have!
hope you have fun at the wedding. :)

goldenmeadows said...

Cool friends love the second photo is that you? beautiful. Love the last photo, very cool photo.

goldenmeadows said...

Totally dig the craft table it goes off. How cool are you guys, inspirational!

goldenmeadows said...

I need a bright colored sunhat for the shanghai summer. Do you have any close up pictures available for me to chose from? How much are they? Meagan. my blog name goldenmeadows - across the seas.

Kimberlee + Lies said...

no I am not in these photos. lies and I are sitting behind our craft table in the picture I posted previously.. I am wearing the hat.


pinkflowerbuttons said...

I love how you set up your table for market, I would love to do something like that. pinkflowerbuttons formerly goldenmeadows.