Friday, 9 March 2007


Hey-ho! It`s been a while. The weather was so stunning this week, I`ve been out, out, out. Walking, pramming, singing, swimming, play-grounding and sand-pitting with Lieveke. Wonderful this late summer-sun, this jolly light, the thousand greens of trees! Ah! Auckland-she shines! Have a look how fab Lieveke`s washing looks with a little help from our benign weather-goddess!

It`s been so busy too, in between lazy sunny restfulness. Last saturday Kimberlee and I set up (or should I say, `sat at`) our little stall during the Carnival Against Carmageddon-happening on K-road. As you can make out from the photos, it was an event with lots of young kids rallying for the environment. Although we didn`t sell much, we savoured quite a relaxed saturday afternoon with plenty to see and hear cause K-road was buzzin` with fresh energy. Notice the snow-heap on Kimberlee`s left -the ice-caps are melting eh- after a while kids started playing in the snow, such joy! Notice Kimberlee knitting! We can`t help ourselves... I sold a pretty dainty pinafore with Japanese anime-prints to a Japanese lady. That made me smile. Nice. Sweet destiny. They belong together.

Now, I`ve been a bit negligent of my discover-the-poet-in-yer-kauri-bookcase-soap. As it is a friday -and my NZ poetic `rencontres` are usually on thursday- I`ll just post a little Sam Hunt maxim :
Tell the story,
tell it true
charm it crazy.
I met the Sam in Christchurch airport some three years ago. It was one of those kindred spirits things. I was bored waiting for my flight, he was bored waiting for his flight. We had a little talk (oh yeh Belgium yeh Oh yeh). I thought he was strikingly rock-and-nice. He was dead-proud of his little kid that was wreaking havock in the airport lounge. I kinda understand such feelings now. I didn`t know he was the Sam of course. And he WAS charming.
Did you think that I didn`t craft this week? Oh honey come on! I slaved over these tiny party pants for Lieveke. It was great sewing fun and for the first time I followed a pattern, from Ottobre magazine. I actually learned a lot from the pattern AND it all fitted together to my amazement! These are party pants for two reasons : the fabric is the most gorgeous changeant tafeta silk (bottle green variegated with a deep pink red pommegranate color) - a gift from Hana AND Lieveke will wear the pants at Hana`s wedding next weekend! Oooh lah lah. Check it out. Lievie had a test drive :

Have a good`n this weekend.

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Fiona said...

The party pants looks fittingly cute. I'm sure Hana will be thrilled! :-)