Wednesday, 7 March 2007

a mid week boost

I have been quite busy working on a research project so I haven't been doing much crafting, even though craftwerk is in less than two weeks, eek! Since I have been looking at papers and computer screens all day, these flowers I received yesterday were especially appreciated. Yes, something three dimensional! and pretty! thank you Luke.

I did manage to do some preserving and here is my booty (think pirate, not J Lo). So in mid winter we will be able to taste summer and sunlight and there will be a bounty of desserts starring possibly my favourite fruit. These are what I could some up with :peach crumble, preaches over ice cream, peach sponge cake, peach smoothies. Any more peach related dessert that you can think of? recipes welcome!

okay I better get back to work.


Helen said...

I made apricot jam on saturday - yaay for home-preserves! I reckon the best bit is giving some as gifts and being able to say you did it yourself. I already had one friend ring up in raptures to tell me she ate my jam on crepes with cream.

Yours look so pretty lined up there.

Thanks for the eye candy.
x Helen

Fiona said...

That's one of the things I love about you people.. Making your own yummy fruit jars! :-)

kates said...

very yum, bottling is great.