Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Fair days

We had our stall today at the Albany campus of Massey Uni. We didn`t sell that much, but that`s ok, we kinda expected it. I remember my university days, I never had a cent to spare, let alone to indulge in crafty things! Luckily an email tumbled into da box today about a crafty-stall event on K-road called Carnival Against Carmageddon and yippie we`ll be there! So you are welcome to check Anemone out there from 3 pm onwards this saturday! Also we have the Craftwerk-fair coming up in only two weeks, so hey, it`s all a-o-k! More than!
These are some of my baby-stuffies :
-baby sun-hats


-reversable pinafores

Oh! A very special thanku Special K for the earrings, you lovely you.
And all the rest of the supporters, ta `t feels good ye like our endevours in craft X