Wednesday, 27 August 2008

feeling bluesy

oh no say it ain't so!

I have been making cards, these two are taken from comic strips in a popular girls mag circa 1960. I worry about the message here: teen life full of drama, boyfriends, popularity, and having long thin legs. which is a message I think still prevails today. I hope I made it look O.T.T. (over the top, for those of you who don't talk in ironic abbreviations. but you should try it, it's fun.)

mean girls

To cheer myself up from my bluesy morn I have posted a few things I have been up to:

merrily the treetops
19.5 cm squared
a collage (not a card) with some painting.

arranging these glass jars full of dead and dying things is a happy activity, because if your garden dies, that's okay. it can still look pretty.

my cheerful army, with new wild kitties joining the ranks.

and I am returning to my sci-fi needlework which I call a device for contacting the future humans (a working title). I had put this away for a while because I was impatient and the results were slow yielding. Good thing I found this red hoop over the weekend, what a motivator. I have a lot more to go, but baby steps, right?

so this has cheered me up significantly. also reading the comments about the wabbit maker was delightful. My favourite was hearing about the 8 yr old who played it 20 times in a row - exactly what I was hoping for :)

and also I have been meaning to share a few super fantastic crafty blogs I have found or rediscovered recently....

elsie marley image above is from her child's room which also featured in apartment therapy here
anna maria horner who is a fabric artist
wren who is a brooklyn based craft artist and also works at a martha stewart craft magazine

that's all for now.

happy midweek.


Heart Felt said...

Hey, they are so much fun, but I do love the bird collage, that is wonderful! xx

Claudia said...

I loved the white tiger kritter! But they are all lovely.

R.W.S. said...

I like how you use graph paper in some of your collages (which are all awesome, btw). Yay for ironic abbreviations :)
Kitties!! <3

Kirsten said...

Oh the bird collage..... Did I ever mention that I have a bit of a bird obsession? At one stage I was finding a way to sneak birds onto every card I was making!!! I was having trouble finding enough of them to use!!!
Is that collage going to Kraftbomb with you by the way????????

kimberlee said...

indeed, it will be there sunday!

Victoria said...

The sci-fi needlework is so so good. LOVE it.
Also, very much want to pat the fluffy friends you been making.
And, am enjoying your commentary on each of the cards and their deep or not-so-deep meanings, so funny. (And also relevant to life)