Tuesday, 12 August 2008

A lot of flapping

We're having a stall at the Craftwerk-fair this Thursday. It's been a while (about 3 months!) and we're so looking forward to it. It's such a pleasant and different fair with quite an alternative creative athmosphere. I'm almost ready making my things for the stall :

pinafores of course

poppy canvas bags

Notari bag

Colorful bibs
(I know that bibs are
about the most generic crafty thing about,
but I really get good responses
to these colorful unisex ones.
The crazy cows on the right are my favorite!)

And this morning a parcel with new fabrics arrived with stunning stuff. I'll have to put them aside for later. But oh. Very nice eh.

trees, flowers and vines

beautiful beautiful Fuwari branches

And Lieveke is no longer Lieveke. She is now a fairy-magician as it happens. Her name is Merlin. She wears her crazy funky 'ballet'-slippers. And purple magic cap. Scaring away naughty dragons with a fluttery dance. It involves a lot of flapping.

'And you hoped I'd never wear pink fluffy stuff mum?'



See you soon, perhaps at the fair even.


Nikki said...

Oh yay! You are being dragged into the world of pink and fluffy and sparkly too!

Hannah has proclaimed her name is Princess Aurora and I must address her by the correct title at all times. Gah.

P.S. LOVE the fabrics. Man you have gorgeous stuff.

lilysmakebelieve said...

Those pinafores are to die for! Such lovely fabric you choose Lies.

Victoria said...

The pink and sparkly and flapping - it's very funny isn't it?!
Spectacular selection of fabrics you got there, glorious in fact.

allthingsreally said...

Gorgeous stuff!! Good luck with Craftwerk.
I can't reply to your e-mail address, keeps on bouncing back! As for LJ, if you just sign in and add me as friend I can reciprocate! Love Debra x

Melissa said...

lovely, lovely stuff. wish i could come and go shopping at your stall.
oh but i would have such a hard time choosing from all the goodness.

little fairy lieveke is looking great with the pink fluffy slippers. i think she and keira would hve a fine time playing together. :)

Louise said...

Oh wow! You choose such lovely fabrics. I have serious fabric stash envy. I adore that white pinafore with the floral print. Good luck for the fair.