Friday, 8 August 2008


We are crafting away in full speed towards the upcoming fairs... More posting on that later, surely. Apart from that, the week was a wild and full one, hmmm when is it ever not so?
I'd like to share some beautiful images that have been very inspiring for me lately. My weekend is about to begin, the images allow me to pause and be still and admire. And they refresh me somehow. I seem to be drawn to geometric and intricate print... To bold and sparkly.

We live in such a tiny townhouse. One of those super functional (but rather appealing design) late sixties-'boxes'. Most times a mess, ah always cozy I guess... It is our home and it feels so good. Here is my favorite corner (some cards and prints from friends but mostly from Oma and Vake -Lievie's grandparents in Belgium on the sideboard). Not tidy, but happy.

Browsing in this attractive chunky book 'Sample (100 fashion designers - 10 curators) Cuttings from Contemporary Fashion', I gaze at

blogs-cherie Mina Perhonen (shirt-skirt spring/summer 2003)

and French 'joli retour au modernisme' by Yvan Mispelaere (spring/summer 2004)

Skipping and hopping from this Etsy-favorite to that, I am rewarded richly at Thriftypyg with stunning retro-fabrics, :

Wild giraffe aw!

this one. oh sweet orange. without a doubt my darling
for its Bauhausy-allure

And, here is a blog that I simply adore : Izakoo.

As always respectful photo and other credits to the author.

Iza is a sparkly girl in hong Kong, Alliot captures her magic... when I showed Lieveke some of Iza's photo's, she yelped with excitement 'ohhhh funnnn' (she was looking at Iza in the dotted orange pants - gosh yeah it is funnnnnn!!!). I really enjoy the crisp and clean-cut modernist approach, the contrasts of stern black and stone with vibrant shocking pinks, reds, blues... Iza is gorgeous, her dress superb, her activities lively and so much more! Alliot's wonderful photography finds a delicate balance between color and light, her style oozes confidence, her interests are vast and creative. In 'Izakoo' she writes frankly and heart-warmingly about growing up with Iza. I shed a few tears, yup. Thank you so Alliot for your lovely inspiration (and graceful ok).

I really hope you'll feel the sparkle too
rock your weekend (softly in a rocking- chair if that's what does it for ya)!


kimberlee said...

that white shirt and blouse with the geo print is amazing!

thanks for the link to the sweet little blog.

Melissa said...

i certainly do feel the sparkle- i love your little corner with your prints from home.

and it's wonderful to discover (yet another) fabulous blog through you- thank you lies! xx