Thursday, 14 August 2008

to market, to market, to market, we go!


so we are bringing:

our dolls

our pretty pictures, our toys, our shoes

clothes for babies and toddies

many many cards
more cards
and also
boys pants
paper art
and maybe more!

we really hope to see you there
6-9 PM TONIGHT Thursday Aug. 14th

we are upstairs to the left of the stage

and while hunting for some last minute supplies, I found these rabbits at $3 Japan. but I would have paid twice that.

and when I opened them up, scented!
I hope for you too.



Jacoline (Lien) said...

Great work I like it. And I had a good day as well, thanks

petal said...

Hope the market went well. One day I will make it, today I had to supervise girls cooking outside instead. Which is a different kind of fun. I love the $3 Japan shop, whenever we come into downtown Auckland we go and visit it and buy lots of stuff we didn't know we needed.

Mrs.French said...

oh how I wish I could go...for now I will settle for your sweet etsy shop! I hope your market is fantastic!

Alida said...

Wow, what a night, huh? Sorry I didn't really get to say hi properly! I was insanely busy which was awesome, except slightly less awesome to be doing it alone this time. See you gals at Kraftbomb :)

Marie Louise said...

I am just discovering your blog - tons of great stuff. Wish I could join you at the market!

ruby in the dust said...

Hi there, it was nice to meet you two last night. The place had such a great vibe, hey!

Calee said...

I hope your market went well. The paper doll arrived in the mail today and she is beautiful!! I can't wait to cut her out tomorrow with my goddaughter!

meg said...

I hope it went well! your fabric choices, as always, are stunning.

My Happy Turtle said...

Oooh, look at all those goodies! I hope you both did well at the show!

Victoria said...

I love seeing all the creations that you two make all together like that. I hope it was a great success, please post photos of your stall/booth if you took any, would love to see how it looked.

Ribambins said...

Your work is gorgeous !
I am so sorry I just discovered it today... I would have loved purchasing the carnaval kids serie.
I am sure it went well.