Wednesday, 20 August 2008

What's cookin

What's cookin' at our house, except some bug in my tummy that's been making me meuh since the weekend? The flowers, above - Amaryllis, my favorite- are from Gabe, to scare the meuh away but I sorta chose them at the shop myself (heh). Forgive, the pictures today are all a bit on the blurry side, that's exactly what I feel inside...

But ohhhhh, new knitting books, Japanese and all... Can't wait to get better.

I did get a teensy bit of sewing done (not nearly enough, that Craftwerk saw me through ALL my stock!). Rabbit pinnies, for shop update, tomorrow.

Lieveke is now two and a half. That's pretty big. You know. Big. As in you need to go to the potty big now. But no no no she is positively negative, I really DON'T NEED to mum. Hah. Talks back when two and a half too.
Good thing is that she plays sweetly by herself now, or with friends. For a whole hour this morning. Swell. While I was lying on the couch (auch that tummy), these kids just did some self-entertainment. Well sort of. I just had to keep the influx of snacks steady. Can't talk back with a big carrot in mouth btw.

Cool we've built an elevator. We can do some lavish elevatoring.

Sympathetic - auch doc my tummy hurts toooooo
(the doc administers medicine promptly)
a piece of pear and a riceweel

Lets move on to playdoh man. Hang on, what's cookin Lieve?
Oh. well you see my auntie has her birthday today Ruf.


Cake for Auntie!


fiona said...

get well soon..

lovely pinnies as usual.. love the rabbit fabric. :)

kimberlee said...

that bunny and tree fabric is so WONDERFUL!

I Am sorry you are sick :(
I hope you get well soon.

and birthdays all around!

Kirsten said...

Hope that yuck tummy sorts itself soon! Rabbit fabric is fab! Yay to toddlers who entertain themselves! Looking forward to my little person getting a bit better at that!
Take care hon xx

R.W.S. said...

Hi, was nice to chat with you briefly at Craftwerk - glad you guys did so well! Oh the bunnies are cute! I like the gloves and cat's cradle picture too :)
Hope you're feeling better soon.

Melissa said...

get better soon, lies! can't wait to see what you make. those new books are fab.u.lous.

Victoria said...

I so much love the sunlight in those playing photos. It's all magical, it probably was to them in the moment too.
My 3 and a half year old has only just in the last 2 weeks fully mastered toilet training, so, don't despair, I bet she'll be quicker than that!!