Tuesday, 19 August 2008

post craftwerk and my fambly

craftwerk was amazing, crazy busy, and moved at lightning pace! There were crowds 6 people deep with human traffic, lovely bands playing, a fashion show, live poetry readings, and a string orchestra at the very end. The whole event was merrily merry and both Lies and I agree that the buzz is back.

I bet right now you are noticing that I have no pictures of the night, firstly because it was night and I just HATE flash photos, so I didn't even bother. But even if I had wanted to take photos, I couldn't leave the stall, it was that busy. Lies and I did quite well, so THANKS to everyone who came and supported us.

For those of you who are wondering, above are details of a smallish watercolour I worked on this morning.

Rain My Deer!

The night of craftwerk a few people were interested in my bigger collages. These are mounted on the backs of children's books and I most people seem buy them for their children's rooms. For those of you who wanted to see some more (you know who you are :), here are two that I did yesterday. If its not your thang, no worries, just watch this space for others.

One of the best thing about this craftwerk for me was the amount of men who bought things from our stall. All my small wabbits were purchased by males between 18-30; I also sold many cards, some prints, and some bigger collages to young men. Now isn't that surprising?

London Bridge Birds

FAMBLY: a few little personal notes for those who want to get personal

Luke in his new World t shirt, a birthday gift from me.

Today my husband Luke turned 27. We've now been friends for 11 years and I still remember when he (okay his mum really) invited me to his 16th birthday party back in Minnesota. I saw the invite and thought "I hardly know this guy!" and immediately called one of my friends to see if she was also invited. She was, but even if she hadn't been, I would have gone anyway. Luke was somebody I wanted to get to know.
Anyway, we have now been together' for 7 years and married for 4 and a half years. That's a lot of togetherness for people our age, so I am very thankful.

The other member of our small family is the Yosh. In this series of photos he is practicing sit, down, and die. Yoshi and I are attending dog school (not puppy school, no, this is for misfit adult dogs) so everyday we do our 'homework' in preparation for our next lesson. Even though his obedience is top notch, he does not play well with others (he's a combination of nervous, scared, and really excited around big dogs) so that's why we go.

This Saturday is the 'tricks' session which the yosh excels in. We are supposed to teach one trick to the class and I have decided we should do "the lone gunwoman", a one act play in which I pull out my gun (pointed finger) shout BANG! and yoshi falls over dead. This is a violent game so I am curious to see how the class will react. This perhaps is the week they find out I am several shades of crazy.

My brother had his daughter this past weekend and my parcel arrived just in time for her turn at dads. Here is sweetie Ella in the sunshine top I made her. I don't think I am going too far when I say she is the cutest child who ever lived. ever.

okay that is all for me.



Lynn said...

Oh boy, you are so right - that Ella is the cutest thing - can't wait to hug on her soon. She looks ravishing in her new, crafted-with-love top. So glad all went well at craftwerk - would have loved to have seen it all. Love Luke's new top also :-) Hard to believe you have know each other that long!


Calypso said...

Oh oh oh - I love the Tower Bridge cards! I got married in that bridge (11 months, one week and four days ago!)

Calee Lee said...

Happy Birfday Luke!

Kirsten said...

Happy birthday Luke!! I actually had a heads up on that from Glen this morning!!!!
Those new collages are pretty gorg - I must say i love both but do have a bit of a thing for deer at the moment so that one would probably win out!!!!
I guess I wont be seeing you till Kraftbomb so will see what goodies await there!!
Wasn't Craftwerk just crazy - boy I was buzzing for days!!
Hope you two have a wonderful wonderful birthday evening together tonight!!!
Also by the way Milla beene absolutely LOVED her pressie! That was soooo lovely of you !! She cradled and inspected her wabbit and then later I noticed she had pulled it off the shelf into her bed with her!! The dolly is in a special place awaiting being cut out! I am thinking of doing a special collage with her in it - will probably feature a deer too!!! Yes am a bit obsessed !!!!
Any hoo - must go and finish my dinner!
Lots of love

A Sleepless Night (Standing) said...

Hey Kimberlee,

Lovely watercolour and collages, good work. AND Yah for craftwerk! It was so grand. Im so pleased for you guys - your stall looked so amazing - like your blog but in real life!!!

Happy Birthday Luke!

E xx

p.s. Your niece is so gorgeous - hey, we should start a cute niece club?! huh haha.

Mrs.French said...

I am so happy Craftwerks was such a success. And Happy Birthday to Luke! I loved hearing about your sweet past...ahhhhhh.

fiona said...

it's nice reading how you two met.. i was grinning :) n you know, i've been neglecting my dogs real bad.. it's cool how yosh can do the 'bang' trick. high paws!

Ella is cute! agree!!

R.W.S. said...

Arrgh! Your niece is so cute!!
What a nice post. I like your latest batch of collages & cards.
Nice talking to you briefly during last week's madness. I am usually too chicken to instigate swaps, but like to do 'em. Maybe we can do a little swap at Kraftbomb - I have lots more braille tags and love guns :)

city said...

oh how cute is your niece! I'm loving your watercolour, it made me feel happy on a day thats been a bit gloomy for me :-) Happy birthday to Luke too! Hmmm me thinks our wee pug George could do with some dog school too, he's quite well behaved but there is room for improvement haha

Victoria said...

Hmm, I can't believe I havn't visited anemone world for so long!! This is a record for me. I havn't had enough computer time, hate that but it is nice to catch up and read a heap of your posts all in one go.

How funny that your had all those male customers. I like the idea of them buying the collages. Very mysterious that the younger men all snaffled the bunnys..